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I’m Dawn

your personal happiness coach, with a magical twist

I love having fun and my all-time favourite thing is helping others find their own joy

Through my oracle readings, cosmic teachings and spiritual guidance I provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you shine like a glow worm and add a touch of sparkle to your life

Self-love warrior | moon geek | crystal addict

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Call me psychic, but I reckon I know why you’re here and what I can help you with!

  • You’re done ‘fitting in’ – it’s all about embracing your inner unicorn now
  • You’re ready to figure out what the heck you signed up for in this lifetime
  • You don’t mind getting down and dirty with the inner work, as long as it has some fun too

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How I Can Help you 

Oracle Readings | Connecting with Angels | Intuitive Astrology | Manifestation | Moon Magic | Healing | Spiritual Practice

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The Blog

Are you looking for a starting point where you can be inspired? My magical musings help you get focused enough to follow your passions. Take whatever resonates and leave the rest


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