The big 40! It’s a major milestone. You’re getting older, but you’re still young enough for crazy sh*t


Where did 40 come from? I remember turning 30 like it was yesterday. There was a pleasant meal in the local Chinese, followed by a sneaky Sambuca shot in the pub (which did include me stealing an inflatable sheep from a stag party) – overall, a nice event but it didn’t have that wow factor.

There’s no doubt that my thirties were my toughest years, so I’d always envisioned my 40th to be a grand prize – the icing on the cake to top off my life transformation. As a Manifestation and Mindset Coach I’m always teaching people the importance of being open to the miraculous and in not holding back on their desires, so I’m going to take my own advice and do something epic…


Life begins at forty

We all know that famous phrase right! Well let’s take it literally and use it as a platform to step things up a notch. During my research into what I should expect when I hit 40, I came across a lot of people talking about bucket-list things to do before they hit 40… interesting! I’m a Sagittarius (with Leo Rising) so I don’t like to be the same as everybody else – I’m going to do something completely (and wildly) different

Setting intentions is something I do on a regular basis, and manifesting has become second-nature to me. But what happens when I set my sights higher and go mega big on my wishes? I believe in an infinite universe, where there is enough to go around and I believe that we’re all creators of our own reality – if we can dream it, we can sure as hell touch it

I see a lot of doubt in the world. And I want to change people’s perceptions of what is possible

With my 2020 word of the year being ‘fabulous’ this feels like a fated event in my life – something that was always going to happen one way or another. All my challenges and things I’ve learnt have led to this moment. It’s something I was born to do.

So with a ‘fabulous 40thon the agenda, there’s only one more thing to consider… how can I turn it into something bigger than a standard party?


40 at 40 – the ultimate manifesting challenge

YES! That’s right! I’m going to spend my entire 40th year manifesting FORTY wishes

I’m going to be living a new decade IN a new decade (you can’t make this stuff up right..) 2020 is already promising great enlightenment and growth, so why not tap into the cosmic energy and use it to my advantage.

Using my ‘Manifestation Foundation’ process I’m going to put everything I know into practice and prove that the miraculous is possible

What is the Manifestation Foundation process? Well over the years of studying manifesting and the law of attraction, I found that there was one major flaw – starting before you’re ready! And by this I mean having a solid foundation in place before you let loose on your desires. You can’t expect a business or a relationship to flourish if the groundwork hasn’t been done first, and working with the universe is exactly the same. It’s super easy however, and you can get aligned in 5 simple steps (which I teach in depth in my course Passion Attraction)

Step 1. Surrender to the universe. You can’t do this alone, so why not let the universe help you. Forget the how, where and when’s and stay in the flow (saying yes when opportunity arises)

Step 2. Form a deep connection with your soul. You can only attract the best things when they’re in alignment with you (and are for your highest good). A simple daily spiritual practice solves this

Step 3. Get out of your own way. Work on the blocks and make sure you let go of the things that hold you back from growth

Step 4. Raise your vibration. Get your happy on and become a magnet for good times, positivity and abundance

Step 5. Speak up. This is when you set your intentions, but they need to be realistic. One of the major rules of manifesting, is if you don’t believe it’s achievable then it ain’t gonna happen (no matter how many times you put it on your Pinterest board)

Let’s do this!

These five steps are going to be on rinse and repeat for the next 12 months – my manifesting game is well and truly on, and I’m ready for the magic to happen

So let’s get this challenge underway. I am officially surrendering this list to the universe and I trust that everything (or something better) will be delivered in the most perfect way possible. I’m open to any opportunities (and if Tom wants to slide into my DM’s then I’m okay with that – Friday’s work for me)

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