Your Ray of Sunshine has Arrived…

It’s time to own the awesome human that you are, and get you living life the way you want to. Let’s refresh your journey and start aligning to your true purpose.

I’m Dawn and I’m your astrology angel, goddess of happiness, queen of oracle cards and spiritual super hero! 

I’m here to help lightworkers (like you) take control of your spiritual journey and make it unique to you. I’m here to help you figure out who you are, why you’re here and what you’re gonna do next.


I’m the bringer of light. Your very own ray of sunshine, sent by the universe to teach you loads of awesome things (that are actually easy to understand) and to make things super fun along the way!

I Totally Get You

You’re here because we share similar stories.

• You’re sick and tired of waking up each day, doing the same thing. Life kinda sucks and nothing seems to be happening the way you want it to. What the heck is your purpose and how do you figure it out? Deep down you know there’s something you’re missing

• You love the spiritual path but haven’t quite made it your own yet. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. It’s about finding the things that resonate, right? Things need to be easier, time and consistency are a mega struggle

• You let doubt creep in way too much. You want to trust in the process and in yourself, but where’s the magic? Some inspiration would be so good right now (and a huge kick up the booty)

I totally get all of this, because it used to be me too. Being a stubborn Sag I blindly stumbled along the spiritual path, learning everything that sparked an interest and questioning all that didn’t make sense. As my journey progressed (and as I obsessed over my birth chart) I realised that teaching others was something I was being called to do. 

The ultimate purpose in life is to be happy. When this happens then everything else falls into place… that’s where the magic is

My Cosmic CV

  • Certified Angel Practitioner
  • Qualified Happiness Coach
  • Reiki II Attuned
  • White Witch and Priestess
  • Astrologer and Clairvoyant
  • NLP Practitioner

After years of depression and being completely miserable with everything around me, I decided to do something about it.

I began a spiritual journey. 

Working through my wounds and facing my frustrations was the miracle I needed. I began to wake up each day happy, and found myself more aligned with the things I wanted (thank fudge for that)

I figured I wasn’t the only one that would benefit from some sort of spiritual infusion. Sharing my journey with other awesome souls was a no-brainer – it was time to teach what I’d learnt with others who were ready to shake up the traditional path and add a little sass.

My mission is to keep things simple. There’s too much faffing about already, and I know you don’t have time to waste. I believe in a no nonsense approach: Guidance that gets straight to the point, is easy to understand, keeps things fun, and gives direct action to take… right now!

Although as a Sag I like to think I know it all, in reality I don’t (don’t tell my kids that). My journey is a lifelong one and I’m always learning and developing my skills, so that we can all grow together. I’d love to hear about your spiritual experiences and interests, and what you’d totally love to do with your life – why not drop me a message and we can chat.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I have commitment issues with my hair (blame my Leo Rising) 
  • I have a slight (ahem) addiction to crisps
  • My friends call me Dawny
  • I’m the Mother of Dragons (well, they are if I don’t give them snacks)
  • I’m currently either getting distracted in Pinterest (hello tattoo board), geeking out over the next Marvel release OR having a dance party with my dragons

journey some more…

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