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As the clock struck midnight on 31 December 2016, I made a decision that would change my life

I was drunk and alone. Not the scenario I’d dreamed about, and definitely not the life I had envisioned for myself (I mean, as a child I’d daydreamed about travelling the world, speaking on stage, being adored by thousands, and making a difference)

I found a scrappy piece of paper and wrote on it…

“Dear universe, I want to be happy, please help me”

– then I lit a candle and burned the fucker

That simple little prayer. That act of surrender. It led me onto a path of spiritual discovery, self-healing and soul awakening

I didn’t realise it at the time, but that was the beginning of my manifesting journey

I found my purpose…

Which, by the way, isn’t a specific job or career. It’s a love of life. It’s fully embodying who you are and living each day to the fullest. It’s making each moment count, and being the very best version of yourself. It’s saying yes to adventures and unapologetically doing whatever the heck you want. It’s being happy

After running my coffee shop business like a zombie for 10 years, I actually had that lightbulb moment that maybe one day you’ll see reenacted on the big screen (I wonder who’ll play me…)

I’M BORED I thought

There has got to be more to life than this

So I left. (well, I left after I was flattened by an unexplained illness that took over my body and forced me to reassess my life)

I didn’t know where I was heading, but I took the first step

I went from ‘Barista’ to ‘Spiritual Teacher’ in just a few months

I threw myself into learning everything that sparked an interest. And I applied everything to my life, testing all sorts of techniques, rituals, practices and strategies

There was nothing I taught or shared that I hadn’t gone through myself first

Some would call me obsessed. But I like to think of it as passionate

When you find the things that you would happily live and breath every single day, that’s when your life becomes meaningful and magical

My dreams were actually coming true

I had the freedom I’d always wanted

And I was finally loving who I was

After my spiritual awakening, I shared my journey quite openly on social media. And the more I talked non-stop about my experiences (and my results) I noticed that people wanted to know more! 

The teacher was awakened and the Mistress of Manifestation was born

Manifestation is a thought made real

It’s not a woo woo practice (I bloody hate that phrase, please don’t ever use it in my presence)

It’s the process of having an idea, then taking action to turn it into something tangible

You’re manifesting all the time, and I bet my sexy pants that you don’t even realise it

Now, if you’re anything like me then you’ve no doubt got a gazillion ideas / goals / dreams you’re conjuring up on a daily basis

But do you actually have a plan or a strategy in place that will make them a reality?

Most manifestation coaches will teach you all the relevant (and hugely important) things you need to know if you are to manifest successfully

The subconscious mind (limiting beliefs and identity)

Soul alignment (purpose and spiritual practice)

Goal setting (intentions and long-term vision)

Self-care (self-worth and self-love)

Manifestation (techniques and practices) 

BUT. You don’t wanna be left hanging

You need a strategy, or an actual time-ordered plan to follow (one that is easy, intuitive and consistent)

Now I’m sure there might be a teeny tiny part of you that’s eye rolling yourself into a new dimension at the thought of the word ‘strategy’ or ‘plan’

But here’s the thing (and you can disagree with me if you like, but I’m always right). Without one, you’re going to lose focus, get overwhelmed, waste time, and maybe not even get to your end goal (screw that)

So, if you’re ready to shake up your manifesting game with a sprinkle of sass and a whole heap of logic infused magic then look no further

As per my name, I’m the bringer of light. Your very own ray of sarcastic sunshine, sent by the Universe to guide you on your quest to greatness

But be warned: I swear (sometimes a lot), I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and I’ll kick your butt if needed


  • 13 Years in Business and Marketing
  • 5 Years in Spiritual Teaching
  • Master Manifestor and Mindset Coaching
  • Certified Angel Guide Practitioner
  • Qualified Happiness Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Unicorn Healing Practitioner
  • White Witch and Priestess


Fact #1 – I have a slight (ahem) addiction to crisps

Fact #2 – My friends call me Dawny

Fact #3 – I have an ongoing manifestation-in-progress with involves mojito’s with Tom Hiddleston

Fact #4 – I’m currently either getting distracted with Pinterest (hello tattoo board) OR I’m binging on Netflix (could be vampires, fairies or musicals…)

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