Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction


Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction

You’re here because the angels have called you.. 

These sessions are perfect for anyone whose feeling drawn to working with their own team of angels, the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, your soul know this is the best place for you to receive the support you need.

As one of Kyle Gray’s very first Certified Practitioners, I use his process (mixed with my own) to provide loving guidance and healing

Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction


Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction

The sessions are a safe space, where you can receive positive guidance and healing in an area (s) of your life

The sessions consist of three main parts (angelic connection, angel card readings and angelic healing) and include the following:

1. Meet your Guardian Angel – I’ll send you a guided meditation where you’ll be taken to meet your Guardian Angel, and receive a personal message

2. Channeled Message – I’ll connect with your Guardian Angel and give you a written message, that has been channeled directly by me

3. Angel Card Reading – Using the oracle cards, I’ll do a 7-card reading and intuitively give you guidance and insight on a chosen area (while staying open to any other messages that come through)

4. Energy Healing – Using angelic healing, I’ll remove any blocks that are holding you back

5. Reclaiming your Power – I’ll send energetic healing and love to past situations, people or places that still have a negative hold over you. Your personal power will be called back, leaving you feeling complete and in control

6. Cord Cutting – I’ll send you a guided meditation where you’ll meet Archangel Michael and allow him to cut the cords to anything that no longer serves your highest good

7. Affirmations – To finish your session, I’ll send you any affirmations / prayers that will continue to support your journey

After the session is complete, everything will be typed up and emailed to you within 48 hours

(note: please find a quiet space to relax during your session, and drink plenty of water afterwards)

Awesome FAQ’s

How can you do a reading without me there in person?
It works in exactly the same way – through an exchange of energy! Once you give your consent for me to read for you, I can make the necessary connection to channel the messages
What are your qualifications?
I’ve been professionally reading the oracle cards for over three years. I’ve been certified in Angel Card Mastery AND am listed as a Certified Angel Guide on Kyle Gray’s Practitioner page
What if I don't like what I hear?
I will never give you negative information in a reading. All messages that come through will be for your highest good – if you’re feeling hesitant then come back when you’re ready or contact me and we can chat about your concerns
Do you have a Code of Practice?
Yes I do. I like to follow a strict code of ethics, which allows me to deliver the best service to you. Read the Code of Practice 

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