ASTROLOGY. the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world…  WTF!

In Dawn language that actually means: 

“studying the cosmic stuff in the sky (stars and planets), and seeing the impact it has on us mere humans”

I’ve found Astrology to be such a powerful tool for understanding yourself (and others). It’s a psychological language that, once learnt, can open up a whole new level of communication with the divine. 

By delving into your own patterns, behaviour and desires then you get a pretty accurate understanding of your true self. With astrology you’re actually being handed the golden ticket to knowing your own meaning and purpose. (that’s gotta be worth an amen!)  

Cue your Birth Chart

(what it means and how it can help you with everything)

This very awesome tool is how you can make sense of who you are and why you’re here. In picture form, it is the actual circle of life… 

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No. Not that one. This one ↓↓↓

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I know right! It looks confusing as fudge. Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back and I’m going to exlpain it in normal talk.

When you’re born, all the planets etc. are aligned in a certain position. SNAP! The photo is taken and wherever they are, now forms your birth chart. Your very own blueprint of you.

Conjunct. Square. Midheaven. Angles. Degrees. Blah – Blah – Blah. We’re not going to worry about that lot just yet – let’s keep it simple, so your brain doesn’t turn to custard!

Think of it as a trilogy…

Part One. The Zodiac Signs

There are twelve zodiac signs in total, and these are the characters of the show. They each have their own personality traits and attitudes toward life.

When you start to explore the signs, you’ll discover specific strengths and desires. Are you the ever-dependable Captain America (who’s selfless and good), or the adventurous Arya Stark (who breaks away from convention and longs for freedom)?

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Part Two. The Houses

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So. The birth chart is basically a pie (blackcurrant preferably, yummo) with twelve slices. Each slice represents a house – and these cover the various areas (or rooms) of your life.

Folowing on with the movie-theme, the houses are what the film is about. They show you the parts of your life that are in focus, and from there you’re able to determine the necessary action to take.

Is your career house currently in the spotlight (in which case you’ll need to prioritise your work) or is your romance house glowing (time to get your dating game on)

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Part Three. The Planets

So we have the characters (zodiac signs) and the story (houses) but we need some action to make it move forward with some excitement. This is where the planets come in… Like the zodiac signs, they have their own energy and qualities but there’s more of a physical representation.

If Mercury is currently out to play, then communication is on the agenda (do you finally need to have that conversation you’ve been putting off) however if Jupiter is doing it’s thing then luck is on your side (maybe you can finally make that leap of faith)

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Using astrology as part of your spiritual make-up bag is a fascinating way to navigate yourself through life.

When you start to blend together the trilogy of your birth chart, you can learn so much it’s ridiculous. As a student of astrology myself, it constantly amazes me. I’ve had to laugh to myself many times because of what my chart revelas about me, or when an event plays out exactly as predicted. Genius stuff!

I’ve only touched upon the basics here, but if you wanted to go deeper then check out the corresponding blogs:

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[disclaimer – just because your birth chart says one thing, you ultimately have free will to do as you please. Don’t let it rule you, instead work with it and allow life to evolve naturally. The manual is there, but you can wing it if you want]

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