1:1 coaching

with DAWN

If you’re ready to change your reality and take mega action on achieving your biggest dreams, then you’re in the perfect place! 

Whether you’re looking to finally start your business or you want to grow what you’re already doing, I can help

Dawn Evans | Coaching

Let’s transform your life…

I’ll help you uplevel your mind, body and soul through my magical mix of skills.

As a Reiki II Practitioner and Unicorn Healing Practitioner, I’ll help you release any resistance that holds you back from moving forward

As a Certified Angel Guide, Oracle Reader and Intuitive Astrologer I’ll help you gain clarity on your purpose and figure out the most aligned action steps for you to take next

As a NLP Practitioner and Mindset Coach I’ll help you switch your limiting beliefs to more empowering thoughts

As a Spiritual Mentor, Happiness and Manifestation Coach I’ll help you tap into your full potential, so you can finally start attracting the life of your dreams

As a Business Strategist I’ll help you set soul aligned goals and make a plan that works FOR you, helping you to attract more clients (and make more money)

What’s included:

  • 8 x 45-minute weekly coaching sessions (held over Zoom)
  • 1 x complimentary 30-minute introductory session
  • Weekly guidance from the cards
  • Ongoing support via WhatsApp
  • Weekly action steps to take

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader as you step into the greatest version of yourself and become the CEO of your life

COST: £1997

Dawn Evans | Coaching

Is this right for you?


  • You’re ready to fulfil your purpose and live life to its fullest
  • You’re ready to step it up and go big with your goals and dreams
  • You’re coachable and open to putting in the work that’s required
  • You love to have fun and work with the Universe


  • You want someone to tell you what to do or do the work for you
  • You’re not prepared to do the deep, inner work that’s needed
  • You’re happy with how your life is at the moment
  • You’re not open to spiritual methods and techniques

I only open up a few spots at a time because I like to give my full attention to my clients. The next availability will be in 2021


Member of the Female Entrepreneur Association

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