I’ve got your back

As a certified Angel Guide and professional Oracle Reader, I solemly swear to work for the highest good of all and follow this Code of Practice:

Purpose. The purpose of my readings is to empower the client. I will strive to give my client positive direction and guidance, to help them find practical and empowering courses of action.

Use. The Oracle cards are used as a tool for self-development and guidance. They are not used to tell the future. Readings give various possibilities, based on the current energy exchange.

Restrictions. All clients must be aged over 18 years old. All clients must be clear of mind and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Readings are not to be used as a substitute for medical advice and I am not adequately trained to offer such advice. (If you are on mind-altering prescription drugs please seek advice from your medical professional with regards to your emotional / mental state before proceeding to seek life-affirming advice)

Wellbeing. I have your best interest at heart. Because these sessions can be emotionally draining, I will only read when I am in the best emotional and physical state.

Behaviour. I will never use threatening language to my client, about clients, or share premonitions or predictions that may suggest fearful experiences, harmful behaviour or death.

Respect. I will always provide readings with compassion, respect and in a non-judgemental manner. You can expect to receive honesty in all communication with me. I ask to receive the same in return.

Confidentiality. All readings are confidential and I will never reveal what a client tells me, without their written approval. I will never pass on any details and I will hold all written and verbal communication with a client in confidence (except in the event of a safeguarding issue, when I will tell the client that I feel compelled by the seriousness of the situation to pass it on to the relevant authorities)

Payment. All payments are to be made prior to the reading, and will reflect the time and abilities dedicated to the reading.

Subjects. All readings will focus only on the client, and will not include information regarding a third person. Any queries regarding another will be rephrased to focus on the client and the situation being considered. I will request the clients approval to any rephrasing before commencing the reading

Refusal. I reserve the right to refuse, with tact and understanding, any reading request. I will endeavour to provide an explanation for any such decision.

Responsibility. My goal is to allow my clients to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions, which guide their lives, and to act according to their own conscience for the highest good of all concerned.

Continued learning. I am committed to the ongoing study and practice of my craft, so that my clients can be confident they are receiving the highest levels of care and expertise. I will constantly strive to improve my skills, and to always be learning and growing.

Disclaimer. An Oracle Reading is not a substitute for professional advice requiring medical, legal, financial or other specific expertise which I do not possess. Please consult a relevant professional if you have such a query.