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Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction

You’re an intuitive soul who’s usually got it all together and can figure out their next move…

…but sometimes you need a little bit of divine help to get you back on track and regain focus

It’s time to gain insight into your current life, using a unique blend of oracle cards, astrology and moon magic

If you’re after something a bit more specific than ‘general’ then these monthly cosmic sessions are perfect because they tap into a different energy each month and look at one key area of your life

With your permission, I’ll tap into the energy of your soul and provide a written report for the month specifically for you

Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction


Dawn Evans | Passion Attraction


Using Oracle cards, I’ll give you a week-by-week reading for the coming month (detailing what your main focus is and guidance from your spiritual support team)


By looking at your birth chart, I’ll give an overview as to what the Full Moon and New Moon means for you (the areas they affect and the actions you can take)


You’ll also receive a Full Moon journaling exercise AND New Moon manifesting ritual (unique to you)


Using Reiki and Angelic healing, I’ll tap into the energy of the Full Moon and work on releasing any blocks that are holding you back (also giving you a boost of energy to where it’s most needed)


Theme – spirituality and self-love / identity 

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COST £155

Delivered via email on the 1st of the month

NOTE: full birth details are required


(Book early to avoid disappointment)

Awesome FAQ’s

How can you do a reading without me there in person?

It works in exactly the same way – through an exchange of energy! Once you give your consent for me to read for you, I can make the necessary connection to channel the messages

What birth details do you need, and what happens if I don't know them?

The details I need are your date of birth, time of birth AND place of birth. These are necessary in order for me to access your birth chart – I won’t be able to give an accurate reading without them. If you really don’t know them, then I suggest booking my Life Purpose Reading instead

What if I don't like what I hear?

I will never give you negative information in a Cosmic Soul Session. All messages that come through will be for your highest good – if you’re feeling hesitant then come back when you’re ready or contact me and we can chat about your concerns

Do you have a Code of Practice?

Yes I do. I like to follow a strict code of ethics, which allows me to deliver the best service to you. Read the Code of Practice 


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