The overall theme of this month is major change (and plenty of abundance)


December reminds us (quite obviously) that the year has been a crazy whirlwind of mixed emotions, but everything you’ve been working toward has the potential to be realised this month. Ideas and projects finally bring the rewards you’ve been hoping for – it’s basically a great time for success and celebration. Financial abundance is a major theme and opportunities will present themselves throughout the whole month (just make sure you’re paying attention, or you’ll miss them). You can be sure that new projects have major potential for something special.

What you think are fears, are actually something much more fulfilling. The butterflies in your stomach and uncertainty is not a red flag telling you to back away, it’s your soul trying to get your attention and say ‘look. this is important. keep doing this’. So don’t let so-called fear hold you back – you can rest assure that your inner confidence will help you to face things head on and chase your dreams. This is not a month to play small and shy away from bold moves

End 2019 on a high and step into your power.

If there’s someone or something that needs removing from your life, do so with love. If something is holding you back, tackle the limiting beliefs and choose to do it differently.

December is not a month to lurk in the shadows. Step into the light and be your best self. Celebrate all you’ve achieved this year and do the things that need to be done. And make sure you tick off those last minute jobs before you embark on your next adventure

For more guidance on what December has in store for you, check out your Sun sign below (plus your Rising if you want to go mega deep)



Dawn Evans | Aries

You’re on the verge of a miracle this month. All the things you want are within your reach, but extra focus is needed if you want to grab hold of them. Where are you holding yourself back? If you’re not feeling worthy of abundance then this will block your progress – start believing in yourself and in your abilities, and you will easily manifest your wildest dreams. Be open to the unexpected this month; the Universe loves to surprise (and usually has a way more fun outcome for you) – know that anything is possible and it’s never too late for a complete turnaround in your situation. The best thing you can do is love yourself and love life, then magic will happen.


Dawn Evans | Taurus

There’s a lot of lunar magic surrounding you this month. Your emotions are going through a time of intensity; lean into the moon cycles and use the cosmic energy to help you release feelings that may have been repressed. Your divine purpose is to be happy, and the Universe will help you find the things that light you up by using your emotions as a guide – trust what your intuition says because you’re totally on the right track and you’re exactly where you need to be. The December Full Moon is full of huge power for you, use it to your advantage and take the time to offer your gratitude for everything good you have in your life .


Dawn Evans | Gemini

You’re being asked to give AND receive in equal balance this month. The Universe loves keeping things even, and will do what it needs to in order to make everything fair. If abundance if what you’re looking for (but you’re currently feeling the lack) then lovingly give away your time and your gifts to others – this generous attitude will attract the same (and more) back to you. It’s also important to make self-care a priority in December; you’re no good to anybody when your energy is drained. Rather than trying to do it all, either ask for help or ditch the things that aren’t that much of a priority – choose to do things that feel good and your soul will be grateful.


Dawn Evans | Cancer

You’re entering a time of rebirth this month, and many changes will be coming your way. The ego has been calling the shots for too long, and this has meant that you’ve not pushed yourself beyond your levels of comfort – tap into the love you have within and let your strength and determination for greater results guide you forward. An exciting venture will present itself to you this month, make sure you’re ready to take on the challenge because when you say yes then you transform and make way for miracles. Allow blocks to be removed by moving your body and keeping the energy flowing – exercise is vital this month so get up and get moving.

— LEO —

Dawn Evans | Leo

You’re finally in the position to let go of the weight you’ve been carrying. A limiting belief around worthiness and abundance has been repeating itself for what feels like forever – know that the problems you’ve experienced are moving on and the mist is starting to clear. Ancestral wounds can be healed during December, and the energy can be cleared so you feel lighter and brighter; whatever pressures are on you with regard to success, know that you can change the story and create your own reality. Only you can decide what you do with your life and what makes you happy – abundance takes on many forms, so take back your power.


Dawn Evans | Virgo

There’s a need for focus this month, and prioritising the things that are most important to your growth. Any obstacles that are blocking your path to divine love can be removed if you connect more deeply to your soul and tap into the intuitive wisdom you have. When you give yourself permission to be cherished then you open your heart to receive all the things you want – trust in the steps being given to you by the universe and know that if something is for your highest good, it will be delivered (without a doubt). Stop placing self-imposed limitations upon yourself and start believing that abundance is infinite.


Dawn Evans | Libra

Things have been confusing lately, but this month you’ll be able to get clearer on what you’re doing and where you’re going. It may be necessary to step away from work and enjoy being outdoors – let the elements rejuvenate your soul and bring much needed clarity. With all the overwhelm that you’re feeling, you’ve lost sight of the things that matter; look around you and count the blessings for the things you have in your life. Use the month of December to stay present and focused on what you already have, rather than worrying about what’s yet to come – by being in the moment and appreciative of all the love that surrounds you, it’s easier to become aligned and receptive to more.


Dawn Evans | Scorpio

You’re being called to awaken your psychic senses, and reconnect with your soul (and source). Limitations will be broken down this month and you can expect plenty of divine guidance that helps you figure out what action to take next – it’s a powerful time for inspired ideas and journeying inward. Follow the signs and do the things that make you feel alive; you’re here to be a bright light in the world, and when you’re happy then you make others happy too – your energy is contagious and you’ll naturally attract all the good stuff as the month progresses. It’s time to step up and take the action you’ve been putting off.


Dawn Evans | Sagittarius December

This is a month of spiritual healing and hunting down your desires. Information may come to light that has a huge impact on where you go next; anything that inspires you or just feels right is necessary for your wellbeing – you’re well on your way to coming back to wholeness (something you’ve been working on all year). If there’s rules to be broken then December is the month to do it; your rebellious streak is out to play and it’s a perfect time to push the boundaries on doing what’s necessary in order to achieve your dreams. Freedom is yours for the taking and nobody can get in your way – go wild and go get it.


Dawn Evans | Capricorn December

Your time of inner rest is at completion stage, and you can look forward to getting back out and socialising this month. Your connection to self is stronger than ever and you’re in the perfect position to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings – you totally understand the universal consciousness and know that you must play your part and meet your dreams halfway through inspired action. Trust that you’re being guided exactly as you need to be, and tap into your gifts and personal power if you want to thrive. Be proud of how far you’ve come because you’ve accomplished so much and you’re quite finished yet.


Dawn Evans | Aquarius

It’s time this month to tap into how you’re feeling and be honest with the things that aren’t quite working as you expected. Be bold in how you express your emotions and accept whatever comes up – if you can truly step into the person you are at soul level, then alignment becomes super easy and you’ll effortlessly use your talents and gifts to enjoy the abundance that December has to offer. Devote yourself to self-growth because expansion is yours for the taking; also pay attention to specific experiences or teachers that become present in your life – they’re here to guide you onto the next phase of your journey and offer a valuable lesson.


Dawn Evans | Pisces

Your path is unfolding exactly as it should. Reflect upon the lessons you’ve learnt and use this month to share your wisdom with others who may be in a similar situation; when you share your light with those around you and offer your love, this is when you’re at your happiest. Keep putting in the effort to understand yourself at a deeper level and allow all your spiritual experiences to guide you in becoming the teacher you were born to be. The challenges that are currently present are merely there to push you toward growth; look for opportunities to learn and to evolve because they’re a sign from the Universe to where healing needs to happen.

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