February is the season of love, but there’s a special sort of love going on this month


Yep! The love-bubble is well and truly here, but whatever your feelings are during this extra-gooey time of year you can be certain that magic will be filling the air. As Wonder Woman says ‘only love can truly save the world’ – well she’s right and like it or not, this is what the cosmic energy is focusing on throughout February. It’s your divine birthright to be happy, and the universal forces are going to make sure this happens, in whatever way they can. Brace yourselves, because your life is about to have a fabulous upgrade

By now, you’re starting to realise that you were meant for bigger things and you’ve been waiting patiently for that little spark of hope that your wishes have been heard and what you desire is being gift-wrapped! This month you can expect plenty of divine intervention, as your entire spiritual support team rally around to help you move forward to where you’re most aligned to be


Not only will you be faced with a new lesson to learn about yourself, but you’ll be guided to fall back in love with who you are and strengthen your soul connection


Whether you realise it or not, you’re here for a special reason

Your existence isn’t an accident! You’re not here to make up numbers, but instead to offer the world your own unique blend of skills and talents. All the things you’ve gone through in your life have led you to this very moment – right now, you’re exactly where you need to be and what happens next is perfect for your journey.

Use this month to tap into your intuitive senses, and follow all the things that bring you joy. You’re living your purpose when you’re happy, so fill your cup throughout February and know that by giving yourself the love you deserve then you’re inviting in a bucket-load more


February isn’t just about surrendering to the expectations of others, it’s about honouring what you want and not waiting around for someone else to give it to you!

For more guidance on what February has in store for you then check out your Sun sign below, plus your Rising AND Moon if you fancy an extra dose of fabulous (head to astro.com and create your chart if you’re not sure)




Dawn Evans | Aries

Although you’re usually one for having a solid plan and knowing exactly where you’re heading, this month asks you to trust in the unknown! Things will be happening around you that make absolutely no sense – but in order to move forward with your life, you must learn to surrender to the moment and know that your needs are being taken care of. If you’ve always done things a certain way, then this is the perfect time to take a different approach and throw yourself into something new; whether you embark on an usual path or whether you look at a situation with a new perspective, you’re allowing your soul to grow and expand. Listen to your heart and let it guide you toward the things you love the most


Dawn Evans | Taurus

The feminine energy around you is strong this month. You’ll be invited to tap into your innermost power, so that you can step into the very best version of yourself. If you feel as though you’ve been stuck in a never-ending cycle then know that this month brings the breakthrough you’ve been wanting – and an ending must take place if there’s to be a new beginning. Deep truths will be revelaed to you about how you’re currently living, and it’ll be down to you to find the strength to face them and release what you no longer need. Yes, there’s shadow work to do but this just makes the light shine brighter and you’ll feel way more true to yourself by doing it


Dawn Evans | Gemini

This month is all about going within, and letting your fearless side out to play. Ask yourself the question ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ – the answer to this may surprise you, but it’s also an idiciation as to where you need to focus your attention. In order to attract your deepest desires, you must take that first step and go hunt them down. Nobody else can give you the things you want, it’s up to you to step up and make it happen – so use fear to your advantage, and let it guide you to where you need to go next. Trust that the random thoughts you have aren’t random at all, but your soul giving you directions; so listen and follow the instructions


Dawn Evans | Cancer

Self-acceptance is especially important for you this month, because it’s something that’s holding you back from your full potential. When you can truly recognise how awesome you are, then you start to invite in the life that matches how you see yourself. A simple shift in perception is all you need to start the healing process; make time to explore the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Know that you’re connected to everything around you and the love that you show a flower or a sunset, is the love you have within to show yourself. By spending quality time with Mother Earth, you’re not only reconnecting with yourself but rejunvenating your mind, body and soul too

— LEO —

Dawn Evans | Leo

February brings change to your life, whether you want it or not! Sometimes the universe throws a plot twist your way, when you’ve asked for something but you’re not taking the action steps that have been given. This is one of those months, and it’s best to go with the flow rather than try and fight what’s happening (it’s all for your greatest growth remember). There may be times this month when you’ll need to be assertive and speak up for what you want – don’t go along with something for the sake of it, but instead let your needs be heard. By honouring your own truths, you’re nurturing your soul and making your own desires a priority


Dawn Evans | Virgo

It’s time this month to celebrate your achievements and witness the growth that’s already happened. You did it, you answered the call of your soul and you should be hugely proud of how far you’ve come – take this month as a time for self-reflection. If you compare your life now to what it was a year ago then you’ll notice a massive change; not just in your surroundings, but in your attitudes and your beliefs. Use the things you’ve learned to take you even futher, and to help inspire others who may be on a similar journey. As the saying goes ‘when the teacher is ready, the student will appear’ – and someone, somewhere, needs to hear your story so that they can change their life too


Dawn Evans | Libra

You may be feeling like you’re ready to take a leap and get started on a project, but you don’t yet have all the information you need. February is asking you to slow down and stay in the planning phase for a little while longer; there’s more opportunities coming your way and if you rush ahead now then you’ll miss something that could possibly bring greater reward. You may feel like you have something to prove to yourself, but if you ask the question ‘what’s the hurry?’ then you might actually realise what pattern it is that keeps holding you back. Decide to break this pattern and move into a place that feels fresher and more aligned with your goals


Dawn Evans | Scorpio

This month brings a fresh new energy, as you’ll be guided to go after the things that light you up and to create your own journey (which is exciting AND completely unique to you). It’s important for you to move beyond the limitations that you’ve adopted, and to realise that this is your life and not anyone else’s – so let go of the need to please others, and focus on YOU. Your creativity will soar this month as you tap into forgotten talents, and allow yourself to express your desires through your work. Surround yourself with beauty and be inspired by the love that’s all around you – when you’re in a place of contentment, you’ll feel fulfilled and able to step into your soul purpose


Dawn Evans | Sagittarius December

February is all about alchemy! There’s a need for you this month to really focus on what it is you actually want, and to turn these thoughts into reality. Any challenges that pop up are only there to push you outside of your comfy zone, so you step up and move into a place of magic. Your deepest passions will be making themselves known to you quite strongly, so pay attention if a thought doesn’t go away or if a situation keeps repeating itself – and take this as a sign to say yes to what opportunity it presents. Lean into your body this month and start to learn what things feel good, and how your physical self responds to different situations – appreciate your sensual side and don’t deny yourself pleasure


Dawn Evans | Capricorn December

You are wiser than you give yourself credit for, and you’re going to need this wisdom throughout the month if you want to get ahead with a new idea. There’s many opportunities available to you right now, but it’s important to choose only one and put your heart and soul into nurturing it. You cannot grow in your current situation if you don’t listen to your own advice and take a risk; if it feels a little scary but exciting at the same time, know that you have all the resources and knowledge you need to make it a success. Trust in your skills and trust that the universe is supporting you – follow your passions and don’t let the thought of failure hold you back; you only fail if you don’t try


Dawn Evans | Aquarius

February is the month where a major reset is needed. Through all the hard work and non-stop worrying, your body has reached a stage where ‘enough is enough’ – healing is required, so that your energy can be restored back to a place of fullness. Surrender the need to do everything yourself, and let divine intervention help you get the soul nourishment that you deserve. Trust that all is being taken care of and that growth is already happening, there’s no need for concern this month because you’re through the hard times and only good things await you. So take this time to nurture your own needs and enjoy some peace and relaxation, because you really do deserve it


Dawn Evans | Pisces

This month is the time to press pause on doing lovely things for others, and instead to start doing more things for yourself. You’ve become an after-thought in your life, and this is giving out the wrong signal to the universe – self-care is vital for you if you want to get out of your current situation. Any family wounds that need to be healed can be done so this month, but only if you address how they can work better for you, and make you feel happier. Other people’s concerns aren’t your problem so trust that when you’re in a good place then it’ll be a ripple effect for those around you too. Follow your heart this month and put your faith in the signs that come your way, acting upon them as they do

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