The month of January gives you the opportunity to settle into the new energy


January brings a new excitement ~ not only are you in a brand new year, but a new decade too (time flies right!) The whole of 2019 was a crazy rollercoaster ride, with a mix of awesome high’s and a complete s**t show of low’s. Luckily for you, everything you experienced was necessary in order to make 2020 totally fabulous

This month has the potential for huge growth, but only if you slow down and lean into the new energies that are in play. Resolutions and setting intentions are great, but this is not the time to be racing ahead and trying to juggle all your ideas and goals ~ instead, use the month to settle into a new phase of your life and get planning on your long-term visions.

It’s important for you to make productivity your main focus! Take the time to reflect on the previous year and acknowledge how far you’ve actually come ~ when you can make sense of the things that challenged you AND where you’re heading toward next, you can plan accordingly and build a solid foundation.

This will get January 2020 off to a great start and make the rest of the year much easier

Know that the Universe is behind you all the way, and supporting everything you do. You’re never alone and all you need to do is ask and help will be given.

You have a great set of skills to share with the world. Your light is unique and needs to shine brightly ~ give yourself the self-care this month to get refreshed and get ready to show up bigger than you’ve done before. It’s not about how hard you work, but how smart you work; clever planning is everything and when done right, gives you plenty of time to add fun into your schedule too

January isn’t just about working on your goals, it’s also about tapping into the things that fill you with joy and making sure you go do them. Stop dreaming and start having fun!

For more guidance on what January has in store for you, check out your Sun sign below (plus your Rising if you want to go mega deep)



Dawn Evans | Aries

This is a month for taking time out from the world of crazy, and going within to find the answers. Things have been a little hectic lately, but this new phase calls for you to take a step back and let your body recharge. You may want to politely decline social invitations, so that you can enjoy your own company (your soul will thank you for it later, and don’t worry because many more invitations will come your way this year) Peace and quiet is where it’s at for you; when you listen to the voice of your soul, clarity steps forward and your best ideas can be born – meditation and nature strolls are perfect! Your intuition will be your strongest asset this month. so listen to it and let your light guide you.


Dawn Evans | Taurus

Love is your theme this month. As you get used to the new chapter in your life, you may want to pay particular attention to doing more of the things that you love to do (rather than things you think you should do) There’s no point playing small anymore and staying in your current situation; it’s time to step things up a notch and take a giant leap of faith. Past experiences have given you the knowledge you need to move forward, but further study and a deeper learning may be neccesary (especially if there’s a new career you want to move into) ~ this is your green light to go for it and allow yourself the chance to pursue something you’ve been putting off. Do your research this month and work out your plan of action


Dawn Evans | Gemini

This is a month of healing limiting beliefs and knowing that you can switch how you live your life. Miracles are yours for the taking, so lean into the things you want and allow yourself to dream bigger – if you feel unworthy of abundance, know that the angels are here to remind you of how awesome you truly are; everything you want is accessible is you believe you deserve it! Let go of old wounds and use your talents and gifts to move toward the greatness you wish for; choose love over fear and watch how your wishes come true. It’s time to break the pattern of lack, and instead start to recognise how lucky you actually are – be grateful for all that you have


Dawn Evans | Cancer

A strong foundation is especially important for you this month, because it’s going to help awaken your connection to life. By taking the time to figure out the things that are essential for your growth (and actually making a proper plan) you become much more sure of yourself, and extra focused on the journey ahead of you. By giving instruction to the Universe of the ideas you have and the goals you want you achieve, then you’ll receive the exact guidance you need and find yourself in the pefect place at the perfect time – trust in the process and have fun following the signs. Push past any limitations that pop up, they’re there to help you grow and ascend.

— LEO —

Dawn Evans | Leo

January emphasises the fact that you’re the co-creator of your own life! All your thoughts and actions have the power to shape your reality, and how you approach this month sets the tone for the rest of the year. Stay commited to the tasks and goals you’ve set for yourself because dedication and focus is everything, and will help you achieve all that you desire (and more) It’s also important to remember that some things are out of your control – be open to the subtle plot twists that the Universe throws your way, and trust that all is working in the perfect way possible. Do the work required, but try not to obsess about the outcome, otherwise you block the miracles that await you.


Dawn Evans | Virgo

Change is a big part of your month, and many new ideas may come to the surface. You’ll be feeling extra inspired to chase after new dreams and projects (all of which offer so much growth for you) – set the plans in motion because financial expansion and abundance are a huge benefit of what you start this month! Skills and talents that have sat dormant will reemerge, and will guide you toward a chapter of your life that hasn’t been a consideration… until now. Know that the challenges that have previously held you back are finally ending, and your inner strength will carry you toward your biggest transformation yet; use the energies of this month to light up the path ahead of you.


Dawn Evans | Libra

However you are limiting yourself, it’s time to stop and start believing in the impossible. Try expanding your vision this month and seeing things from a higher perspective; there’s other avenues available to you that you’re not considering (and they’ll lead to much better outcomes) Use January as a time to reflect on the goodness in your life, and offer gratitude for the things you have – by doing this, you open up new ways of thinking and new opportunities will find you. If you take the dreams you currently have and multiply them, your consciousness will shift into making miracles happen effortlessly – reach for the stars because they’re waiting for you.


Dawn Evans | Scorpio

This is a great month for prayer and for spiritual connection. The current energy is calling you to commit to your spiritual practice and sit down with your soul daily – learn to listen to the whispers of your higher self, and let your intuition guide you to the core desires you have. The universe is receiving every single one of your prayers, so trust that what you’re seeking will be delivered at the perfect moment. When you let go and lean into the art of surrender, you’re allowing things to occur as they need to – pay attention to any signs or synchronistic events, because they’ll lead you to where you need to be and what you need to do next.


Dawn Evans | Sagittarius December

January is a powerful time for you, because it’s allowing you to finish what you started in terms of growth and expansion. Sometimes you need to take a step back and keep your opinions to yourself – you don’t always have to be heard, and this month you’re going to need to listen to others for a change. Soak up the information from those arround you, and let this inspire genius ideas and ways to manifest your biggest wishes. There’s an alchemical energy surrounding you this month, so explore how you can turn your fears into love and your challenges into exciting opportunities; everything is possible and right now you have the magic and power to soar high and reach your desires.


Dawn Evans | Capricorn December

This month is a time when you must make a choice and just go for it. There are countless options available to you in terms of moving forward, but this is only causing hesitation and uncertainty in which direction to take – use this month to take stock of your options and get clear on the move you must make. You are healing from past challenges and this is having an effect on your thought process; journal on the emotions that come up, and allow information to come forward that will help you make the final decision. Know that you’re not ruling anything out permanently, all your desires can be achieved but it’s important that you tackle one at a time. Choose from the heart.


Dawn Evans | Aquarius

January may be a month full of emotions, but change is in the air and your devotion is required. You’ve worked mega hard to get where you are and your soul is beginning to feel more at peace; keep working on your spiritual practice and commit to using this month for self-development and personal growth – block out small chunks of your day where you can do something purely for yourself, that makes you feel good and brings you back to wholeness. The element of water is perfect for helping you to connect with your soul on a deeper level; walks near the ocean or meditative baths have the power to bring clarity to mind and your core feelings to the surface.


Dawn Evans | Pisces

A new journey is beginning for you, and it’s one that will take you to a place you’ve already dreamed of. Your reflection of the past year may have made you realise that in order to grow big, you need to move in a direction that’s completely different to where you’re currently at – know that this is a good thing and means you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and greater abundance in the long-term. In order to make this journey successful, you must allow balance in your life; split your time equally between work and play. Chasing goals is brilliant, but it’s only part of the process – having fun along the way and making self-care a priority will speed things up for you.

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