Jupiter left the fun-zone of Sagittarius way back in December, and is hanging out in Capricorn for pretty much the whole of 2020.

But what does this mean for you in terms of success this year? And how the heck can this not-so-talked-about planet help you with your manifesting game?


The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is associated with luck and good fortune. Throughout 2019 it was having a great time on home turf – freedom, playfulness and trying on many hats was its main goal. But until 18 December 2020 you can expect things to get a lot more serious… the practical mountain goat is now in the driving seat and puts the focus very much on hard work, creating strong foundations and taking a slow approach

Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing. 2020 is all about big change and growth, so this new attitude will serve you very well if you want to get ahead and create something that will last the distance. Play by the new rules and you can expect success and abundance in all areas of your life

But of course, it’s never that easy when it comes to the cosmic energy – there’s twelve different astrological houses to deal with too. To find out what area of your life is going to be the most fortunate for you this year, go check out your transit chart and see what house Jupiter is hanging out in (easy steps below)

Visit astro.com – Click on Free Horoscopes – Choose Extended Chart Selection – Click Chart Type and scroll down to ‘Natal Chart and Transits (the transit planets are on the outer wheel, in green)

Once you’re figured out Jupiter’s resting place for the year, you’ll be able to go deeper on how you can create epic success in the area of your life that most needs it. It’s definitely worth checking out, so you can see what your strengths are and what you can do to ensure luck is well and truly on your side


It’s time to make Jupiter your new manifesting BFF!

By understanding where Jupiter is sitting in your birth chart, you’ll get a better indication as to what things you can tap into to bring greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

If your goal is to finally fulfill your purpose this year, then it’s important you work with the Jupiter energy to make sure you’re aligned with your soul and your manifesting toolkit is always to hand.

Read your corresponding house below

First House

The house of self. Your leadership qualities will come into focus this year. There’ll be a feeling of being unstoppable as you attract opportunities that will help your overall growth. There may be new things you’ll want to try and new adventures for you to embark on, but be sure to do the proper planning beforehand. Endless possibilities await you this year if you believe enough and work smart. Your strong instincts for profitable ventures work in your favour and if a new project is started then make sure you’re in it for the long run. Taking action is where momentum picks up and when you’re on a roll, the fortune just keeps coming.

Keywords: new beginnings | positive thinking | first impressions


Second House

The house of money. Well thought out plans are where you’ll find the most luck this year – being efficient with your time and carefully structuring your tasks means you’ll be able to work much more effectively (creating better and more fortunate outcomes). Pay attention to detail before embarking on new projects. One of your main focuses is on achieving luxury and things you love – this is what drives you and brings you joy. Keep an eye on your finances and try not to overindulge (putting money aside and setting up a savings account is a great idea) Plan and organise and lady luck will find you. Plenty of self-care is vital, so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities.

Keywords: ambition | money | resourceful


Third House

The house of communication. A year of learning is on the horizon; you have a thirst for knowledge and will seek out new information, and will want to enrol on new courses. Take advantage of opportunities to socialise because meeting new people and going to new places will most likely bring the best things your way. Teaching is something that may become a focus (either through speaking or writing) – use what you know to help others and inspire. Schedule in time with friends this year; they’ll help you grow, unwind and keep you grounded when work gets too much. Soak up information like a sponge and let your soul grow and expand.

Keywords: communication | social | curious


Fourth House

Strong relationships are where it’s at this year. Use your intuition to help those around you – helping others achieve their goals is something that will be a focus (especially when you can help them become more happy) Family is a big theme too and when you spend time making your home a comfy safe haven, fortune favours you. Your work will bring you what you need to make your lifestyle adequate. Balance is important so make sure you give love to yourself as well as others. Plot twists may be a common event, so lean on your close circle when things change course (and don’t be afraid to do what brings you joy, even if it doesn’t have the approval from others)

Keywords: home | intuition | protective


Fifth House

This is a larger than life and confident year for you. You’re in the fun zone and happy to share your luck with everyone around you. Any projects you get involved with will bring enthusiasm and excitement (if it doesn’t then ditch it). A risk or two might be needed as you progress through the year, allow yourself to be challenged and don’t let small obstacles get the better of you. Putting yourself firmly in the spotlight, it’s time to be seen (we’re talking events, videos etc) – get creative and tap into the inner muse. Make joy your priority and help others shine just as brightly as you. Be an inspiration to others

Keywords: creativity | romance | fun


Sixth House

There’s a need for control in your life this year; you don’t want to leave anything to chance and would rather put in the daily work in order to achieve success. Whatever you do, it’s important that you do it well and you do it consistently – pay attention to the finer details, and the rest will fall into place. Your health and wellbeing is the main goal this year; by paying attention to your daily routines, you can create new habits that will help your spiritual growth and general wellness. By looking after your own health, you’ll start to feel better and feel luckier – this will attract fortunate opportunities and greater abundance

Keywords: productive | spiritual | routine


Seventh House

Relationships of all varieties will be hugely present in your life this year – especially those that require long-term commitment. New business partnerships could provide exciting new opportunities, but you’ll need to be prepared to negotiate on the agreement and make sure that it works for everyone involved; both parties will need their equal share of the benefits it brings. Your social life may provide luck when it comes to romance, more so if you’re looking for a new partner or to strengthen an existing relationship. You both need to be on the same page, and wanting to take things further

Keywords: commitment | balanced | social


Eighth House

An intense and passionate year is guaranteed, especially with regard to exploring your own soul and figuring out what lights you up. Use your instincts to help guide you to what you need to do, in order to keep luck on your side. You love the mystical side of life, and will find greater fortune when you work on raising your vibrations and sharing this with the world. There’s an air of mystery about you this year and others will be magnetised by your energy – use your alluring nature to explore your sexual side, and allow yourself to experiment with your erotic fantasies. Hidden pleasures are there to be enjoyed, and soul connection stems from it

Keywords: passion | mysterious | experimenting


Ninth House 

Freedom and independence is yours for the taking this year. The world has so much to offer and you want to learn as much about it as you can. Tap into your positivity as you aquire new knowledge through further study, then use what you know and impart your wisdom onto others (yes, your inner teacher will awaken) You’ll find luck and fortune when you embark on new adventures – opportunities to travel should be accepted, and you’ll no doubt have loads of fun along the way. Let your free-spirited nature guide you and don’t be afraid to fall in love with solo time (you’ll connect more with your soul and this will lead to greater growth)

Keywords: travel | knowledge | independence


Tenth House

Your career takes centre stage through 2020, and all your focus should be on making plans and getting things done. There’s a pretty good chance that by the end of the year you’ll have hit your biggest goals and will have all the status symbols to go with it (public recognition, professional influence, increased finances) Luck follows you when you put in the work and chase after your dreams – but make sure you maintain balance in your social life, so you have a place to unwind. If you’ve been wanting a career change or you’ve been after a promotion, this is the time to go for it and not let anything stand in your way

Keywords: career | purpose | status


Eleventh House

Big ideas and big social events have your name on this year. Inspiration will be coming to you constantly, and you’ll be innundated with new projects that you’ll want to get started on. It’s a time when you’ll really want to think outside the box, and do something completely new that’s not been done before – if there’s a problem to be solved that will help others, then it’s a cause worth exploring. Accept invitations to meet new people and engage in diverse groups; your expertise will be able to help a wide range of communities, and you’ll connect with others who can contribute to what you’re doing

Keywords: humanitarian | community | trends


Twelfth House

Divine intervention and fated events are going to be happening a lot to you in 2020. Things may not always turn out as expected, so complete trust in the process is essential. Work on your spiritual practice and strengthen your own soul connection; this will help develop your intuition, so you’ll be able to follow the signs and manifest your biggest desires. Allow your imagination to go wild and don’t hold yourself back from your dreams – take the necessary action and say yes to all opportunities that will make them a reality. Fortune appears when you make room for change, and accept new beginnings

Keywords: transformation | dreams | spirituality

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