Meditation is the ultimate soul food and nourishes your mind, body and spirit


Meditation! What do you think of when you hear this word? Back in the day, when I was an unawakened prehistoric human, I assumed that meditation was something wacky people done… I associated meditating with sitting cross legged for a gazillion hours (all whilst being semi-nude) – it was something that seemed too much like hard work.


Hands up if you have ever had this same thought. Yep. Thought so. However crazy the notion seemed to me, it is now a solid part of my daily spiritual practice. It has contributed enormously to my growth, and continues to bring me closer to the connection with my inner self and the divine.


And here’s the shocker… anyone can do it and it doesn’t need to take that long. It can be ridiculously easy (and you can definitely add it to your daily routine)


“Look for the answer inside the question” – Rumi

Lets face it, we all have busy lives and we all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. It’s easy to get distracted and to put things on hold while we get on with our day-to-day tasks. Action is super important, but too much of it and you get out of alignment. It’s true when they say that all the answers you ever need are already inside you, and regular meditation can help you get clarity.


Did you know?


The practice of mindfulness dates back at least 2500 years to early Buddhism (Buddha is one super cool dude by the way). Meditation was a key player back then, and it still is today – in fact, it’s an essential part of the spiritual puzzle! The stillness that’s involved (as well as the connection to self) is central to the whole experience. 


Regular meditation has a huge impact in the spiritual journey, and in becoming a manifesting genius. When you can learn to tune in and connect with not only yourself, but the realm of spirit too, your mind becomes quiet enough to hear the nudges of where you need to go next. By meditating, you’re able to restore peace and harmony to your life by shutting out everyday distractions and increasing your ability to focus and concentrate. Messages from your soul and the universe are way louder


Meditation is badass


There are so many meditation techniques available and everyone has their own opinion on what works best. But I get how easy it is to quickly become overwhelmed, and sometimes even give up altogether. That’s why I suggest making it as easy as possible, that way you can make meditation a habit that you don’t even need to think about.


In general, my advice is to aim for at least 5-10 minutes of meditation per day as a regular practice. I understand that being human demands a lot of time from us, and we are all busy in our own ways. By keeping the practice simple it is much easier to weave it into a pattern that can be maintained – remember the turtle and the hare?! By being constant and slow then you will eventually get to your desired state of deeper divine connection, than by racing ahead and trying to fast-track your way to Zen.


3 easy meditation techniques

So without further ado, here’s my all-time favourite meditation techniques, that are super easy and super effective. They’re so easy, you can do them in bed, first thing in the morning – that way you’re setting your day up to be totally awesome


1. Focused breathing

Dawn Evans | Morning Meditation Techniques

Breathing is such a powerful method that can quickly bring you back to wholeness, and help with clarity of mind. Also known as prana, it’s the life force energy that can release blocks and send healing throughout your body – helping you get back into a state of alignment.


To remove all distractions it’s best to sit comfortably with your eyes closed (get cosy with loads of pillows behind you). Pay attention to your breathing and gently take a deep breathe in through the nose (making sure to expand the lungs) – hold for three seconds and then release your breathe slowly out through the mouth (giving life back to the earth)


As you continue to breath in and out, see a candle burning in your minds eye. Focus on this candle and watch the flame dance as you breath. By doing this, you’re strengthening your third eye AND not letting any other unnecessary thoughts distract you


Five minutes is all that’s required, but feel free to go for ten if you’re called


2. Living the dream

Dawn Evans | Morning Meditation Techniques

Visualisation is one of the most powerful ways to focus on your dreams, and send a clear message to the universe with what it is you truly desire. I’ve always been a natural daydreamer, and when I spend time playing out my dreams in my mind, I strengthen the bond to what I want AND I feel the emotions of living in that moment when my desires finally come true


In order to immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and fun, all you gotta do is grab your headphones and lay back in bed. Press play on a track that brings your vision to life, and enjoy experiencing the moment. Make the visualisation as big as you want, there’s no limits to your imagination


Just a couple of tunes is enough to get you into a state of good feeling; you’ll forget about any current challenges and be totally relaxed in your dream world. By doing this first thing in the morning, you’ll increase your happiness levels and raise your vibrations


3. Tea ritual

Dawn Evans | Morning Meditation Techniques

Tea meditation is literally my favourite thing ever… it’s something I do every morning without fail, and has the power to make my entire day flow perfectly. Being present in the moment really helps with focus and with getting clear on your desires – when you can pause for a moment, then you allow your soul to speak.


There are so many benefits to drinking tea (you can go do the necessary research in your own time) but this ritual goes deeper than the actual tea itself. When you sit down to enjoy your brew, the entire thing becomes a sacred experience – let your breathing be as natural or as focused as you want, but make sure you savour every sip of your tea. Awaken your senses as you drink, taking time to feel the heat of the cup, the steam on your face, the taste and smell of the tea


Pay attention to any intuitive messages you get, because is when they’ll be at their strongest. And of course, this doesn’t have to be just a morning ritual – it can be done at any time, as long as you’re undisturbed and relaxed


So there you have it!

The most simple meditation techniques I use. And to say that meditation has really helped me over the years is an understatement. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of being, and really allows me to live in the present, and to enjoy just ‘being’. My energy levels are constantly being charged, which is great for me because having three young girls means I need all the help I can get. I’m fresh with inspiration all the time and I find that I’m always finding the answers that I need. Being connected and in touch with your higher self eliminates self-doubt and really pushes self-love (I’m a huge, huge advocate of this). PLUS, your manifestation game is one point


As Oprah says “always listen to your inner voice”

When you practice meditation, you’re essentially switching off your mind and switching on your heart. Any random images and thoughts that come to you should be welcomed with open arms. Meditation feeds your soul and brings so much positivity to your life.

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