The New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings – setting intentions and creating magic are where it’s at

But how exactly can you get in on the action and become a mistress of manifestation?


Working with the moon is always a special occasion. La Luna is constantly whispering her dark secrets and showering you with mystery. If you’re willing to show up to the table and work with her, then the possibilities are limitless when it comes to making your wishes come true.

If, like me, you’re a mega moon geek then you’re no doubt familiar with the transformative power that the night Goddess has. And I’m pretty sure you’ve given into her embrace and let her in on your wildest dreams (she’s a good listener, right?)

But aside from the obvious magic that the moon emits, what actually IS a New Moon?

Well, great question! The New Moon is actually the first part of the lunar phase (there’s eight in total) and roughly once a month the Sun, Moon and Earth all align and come together for a wicked party. As you can see from my totally fabulous picture below, the sun gets hidden from view and depending on what side of Earth you’re on, the light is blocked (hence the term ‘dark moon’)

New Moon Magic

So when the shadows come out to play, that’s when you have to rely on your own senses. You return to self and you get the chance to start over. The New Moon is your very own reset button.

This is where the magic comes in

A reset is the perfect chance to take stock of where you are, and lean into the new energy that’s in play. Because the moon moves through all twelve of the zodiac signs over the course of a year, each month offers a new vibe and new part of your life to focus on (and make wishes for)

My Moon Magic 2020 guide covers the different zodiac energies

What to do during a New Moon

The New Moon is pure magic. It’s the perfect time to set intentions and actually wish upon a star. If you want to align with the cosmic energy and become a manifesting genius, then follow my top tips below:

New Moon Magic

Cosmic YesDO tap into the zodiac energy that’s in play (and if you want to delve deeper, then check out what house the moon is transiting through in your chart) – this will give you a much clearer idea as to what part of your life is in manifesting alignment

Cosmic YesDO make your intentions clear. If you don’t order it, the Universe is certainly not going to deliver it (free will reigns and a permission slip is very much needed)

Cosmic YesDO be open minded. Don’t obsess over the outcome, but allow for tweaks and adjustments along the way. If you think you have the best ideas then think again – the Universe always has a way cooler plan, so be open to saying yes to new possibilities

Cosmic YesDO take action. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the action is, you just need to get moving so momentum can build. Sometimes you have no frigging idea where you’re going, but standing still isn’t going to serve you. So decide on your first step and then take it (the Universe isn’t your b*tch so you need to play your part too)


My epic New Moon manifesting ritual

New Moon Magic

Personally, I prefer to set my intentions AFTER the New Moon. I gift myself this time to adjust to the new energy and feel into the wishes I’m going to make – I suggest no later 2-3 days after the main event

Step one: prepare your space and make sure you have plenty of undisturbed time (making magic is sacred and you don’t want any random distractions) – hide your phone, put on some chilled tunes, light a candle or two, grab your favourite crystals and get super cosy (don’t forget your journal and glitter pens)

Step two: breathe into the energy. Spend 3-5 minutes focusing on relaxing and connecting with your soul – breathe deeply in through your nose and out rhough your mouth. There’s no need to overcomplicate it, keep it natural or you’ll feel weird

Step three: say your opening prayer ‘thank you angels for your presence and your protection. I’m open to receive your guidance and I’m listening. For my highest good and my greatest growth, where can I create my most deepest and aligned desires?’

Step four: write out 10 things you’d love to come true in the next six months – they need to feel good and feel totally achievable for you (think specifically about the associated zodiac theme) Spend some time on this without rushing; get creative and make your list as personal as you can – add colour and add pictures, the more energy you put in then the more powerful it becomes

Step five: send yourself a love note. In your journal (or diary) go forward six months and write a little reminder for yourself to go and re-read your wish list. It’ll totally feel like Christmas when you look back and see what came true

Step six: say your closing prayer ‘thank you angels for witnessing my growth, and for taking all my worries and doubts that I surrender to you. I trust you with my intentions, as stated or something way better. Please take the loving energy that I’ve created here and deliver it to where it’s needed the most. And so it is.’

TA-DA your ritual is now complete (super easy, right?)

Now it’s time to go get grounded (a cup of tea and some dark chocolate is perfect right about now)


Your next task is to go have some fun

I’m being serious! Having an obsessive attachment to the things you’ve just wished for is a proper kill-joy. You’ve set the intentions, now it’s time to get back into the flow of life. Start taking small action steps by all means (in fact I encourage this 111%) but don’t sit around waiting, it just sucks the magic out of everything. When you’re present in the moment, doing what lights you up, then your vibrations are well and truly raised – this is when miracles work in your favour


Other things you might want to do during the New Moon include:

  • Pulling some cards (or having someone do it for you) (errr, hello – this is my speciality… just saying)
  • Creating an epic vision board
  • Refreshing your altar (or home space)
  • Journaling on your thoughts and feelings

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