November Focuses on Expansion

There’s no doubt that this last phase of 2019 is full of transformation and power, we’re being softly prepared for what 2020 has in store (and it’s super charged for sure). But we’re not there yet and November certainly has a lot still to give us.

The theme for this month is expansion. We’re going to go deeper into the things that still haven’t been let go of (even though we know we should) and it will become obvious that some clearing out has to happen, before we can begin the next stage. Experience has taught us a lot, but this month takes the focus of learning even further as we’ll need to journey deep into our soul and explore the person we’re becoming.

So let’s take a look at each of the signs, and see what’s in store for you (and where you’re asked to go) – because this month feels extra powerful feel free to read your Sun, Moon AND Rising signs for deeper clarity


Forecast for November


November is a month full of energy clearing; karmic patterns that have been repeating themselves now have the potential to be released. You’re being guided toward putting your own needs first, and to stop people pleasing – for years you’ve allowed others to dictate your path, but this is the month where you say ‘enough is enough’. You know what to do and you have the inner strength to see it through – a fire has been lit inside and you’re finally realising the potential you have.


Creative projects are in total alignment with your purpose right now, so tap into your wisdom and get started on the things that fill you with passion. Trust in your intuition to guide you forward, because all your thoughts are coming from the heart and you will be led in the right direction. This is your time now, so ignore any negativity and drama from others – they’re got their own issues, which has nothing to do with you, and it’s important that you lovingly step away and create space that is filled with positive energy only.


And relax… You’ve been doing all the things lately, but not stopping to pay attention to where you’re being guided – November is the month where you need to take some time out and breathe! Constant action is doing you no favours at all; the best thing you can do this month is to schedule in regular breaks so you can tap into your higher self and receive the answers that are best suited for you.

The universe is about to deliver a bucket-load of signs and synchronistic events, but if you’re not tuned in to your soul then you’re going to miss them (meaning you’ll stay stuck where you are and will have to wait even longer for growth). It’s important that you get your priorities in order, because a lot of what you’re doing is not even that necessary – spend the first week of November listing out all the things you need to do, then put them in order of importance (note: spend some time meditating beforehand, then your mind will be clearer). Embrace any fears that crop up around certain activities because this is a nudge to where you need to be present.

Dawn Evans Gemini— GEMINI —

There’s no need for drama. Things may have gone a little crazy lately, but complaining and focusing on what isn’t working only fuels the fire – November is asking you to stop and cleanse your energy. Spend some time listening to the things you say and work out how you can change your thinking so that it’s vibrating at a higher level. Your thoughts are powerful and the universe responds to you, giving the things that you’re focusing on – rather than saying ‘I can’t’ why not start by asking ‘how can I?’ (you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that come your way).


The world is full of miracles and you’re deserving of having them too; realise this and have faith that the things you’re working toward are on their way. Impatience isn’t going to bring them any sooner, so surrender to the moment and spend your days having fun and appreciating what’s already in your life – this change of perception will transform how you feel and you’ll also be more aware of the steps given by the universe, meaning you can take action.

Dawn Evans Cancer— CANCER —

Where are you not being honest with yourself? You’re longing for change and a new direction, but you’re still holding onto things that you tell yourself are needed (but they aren’t) – November is urging you to speak your truth; you’ve got to stop doing what others expect of you, and tap into what you actually want to do yourself. It’s time to set your sights higher and think big, the world is yours for the taking and you were not born to play small merely because you’re afraid to leave others behind. When you grow, those around you grow too.


Your purpose is becoming clear, so use this month to really focus on the direction you want to head in. Know that you’re not walking this path alone, your angels are always with you and supporting every decision you make (you just need to stand strong and make them). Visualise where you want to be in a year’s time, and choose to get started on taking action right away. Your dreams have power this month, so use them to your advantage and let your wishes be heard.

Dawn Evans Leo— LEO —

November is the perfect time for soul rejuvenation. Your mind, body and spirit is in need of some tender loving care this month and healing is a major theme for you. The challenges you’ve experienced lately are coming to an end, and you’ll find yourself able to move through them freely and with a greater respect for what they’re taught you. In a weird way, you’ve needed to face these difficulties so that you can be clearer about what it is you want to happen next – your mind will be laser sharp this month and alchemy will be taking place behind the scenes; your thoughts will shape the next stage of your journey, so make sure you focus on your deepest desires.


There’s power in writing too, so don’t be afraid to put pen to paper and create your wish list. There’s a need for you to make self-care a priority throughout the month; when you’re in a state of surrender and allowing yourself to be fully present, divine messages will be easier to download and you’ll be able to understand where to go and what to do next.

Dawn Evans Virgo— VIRGO —

November is your time to honour the power within you. Your psychic senses are on fire this month, and it’s vital that you pay attention to what’s being revealed to you – where you end up at the end of the month ultimately depends on whether you listen to the guidance or not! Whatever your main psychic abilities are, use this month to work on strengthening them because they’re going to serve you well and help you move forward into the abundance you crave.


You hold big visions and the message for you this month is to unleash your inner creativity – find ways to creatively express your desires and dreams, and have fun with getting them all out of your head. You are blessed by the angels and they are waiting in the wings with all the things you want, honour them by meeting them halfway and taking the required action to accept their offerings. Don’t overthink it, but trust that you’ll know exactly what to do at the right moment. If you have any random ideas or urges to go somewhere, don’t dismiss them but lean into them.



Dawn Evans Libra— LIBRA —

There’s no escaping family issues this month (sorry) – November is here with an urgency for you to finally step up and put an end to bad feelings, bringing love to a situation that has playing out for too long. Whatever has been going on in your family, now is the time for healing and for bringing light to the darkness; you may feel as if you’re walking a lonely path but it’s important that you remember you’ve done nothing wrong – stand your ground in your beliefs, but also hold space for others to release their blocks. You are the light that is needed in this situation and it’s your gifts of empathy and psychic insight that will bring peace to unresolved conflict.


When you choose love over fear, you break the pattern and show the next generation that there’s a better way. Lean into your spiritual faith and do what’s right for you; you’re not responsible for anyone else and you can’t decide their path for them. But what you can do is forgive and refuse to be dragged into a battle – this will send healing to the entire situation.

Dawn Evans Scorpio— SCORPIO —

A huge new beginning is about to come your way this month! You’ve been working hard toward this change for a long time now, and November finally offers you the door. A great love will enter your life and this is something you’re more than ready for – barriers have been removed and blocks that have previously held you back have been released through all the inner work you’ve done. Although it’s a month full of excitement, try not to get too carried away; you’ll need all your strength for where you’re being guided so get as much time as you can for recharging your batteries (it’s important to keep up with your spiritual practice too, because you’ll need to be totally connected to source).


Transformation is yours for the taking, step into this new journey and embrace everything that presents itself – enjoy the process because you deserve this and you deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come. Make love your top priority this month, self-care is everything and when your heart is fully open then you’ll attract more of the good stuff.

Dawn Evans Sagittarius— SAGITTARIUS —

Fear is your new BFF through November! There’s no more hiding away from the things that feel scary, because these are the very things that will take you to the next level – you simply won’t grow unless you lean into fear and say yes to leaving your comfort zone. There’s huge changes unfolding for you and whatever you do is fully supported by the angels; trust that you’re being held and guided to things that will eventually fill your heart with joy.


This month is a time of balance and you’ll find that each time you take a leap of faith, there will be peace on the other side; you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, because your life has suddenly become much more harmonious. Miracles happen when you lean into the uncomfortable feelings, but it’s important to also listen to your heart – there’s a difference between doing something that brings chaos to your life and doing something that adds to your growth. Let your heart guide you and you’ll be able to make the right choices. Either way, you’re protected.

Dawn Evans Capricorn— CAPRICORN —

What has the past six months taught you? I bet if you looked back to where you was at the start of the year, you wouldn’t have thought you’d be where you are now… you deserve to give yourself a round of applause! November continues to help your growth because it’s asking you to go even further in putting your own needs first – yes, it’s time to be selfish. The things you want can only be yours if you’re committed to making them happen, and if you’re prepared to put your dreams at the top of your priority list (from now on, everyone comes second to you).


Sit down this month and work out your plans – what do you need to do to get where you want? What can you start with this month? The winter is usually a time of rest and reflection, but for you it’s important to add action into the mix; sitting still is no longer an option, if you want to create your dream life then you need to start getting your hands dirty. Those around you will benefit in the long run, because you’ll be in a happier place and able to give more.

Dawn Evans Aquarius— AQUARIUS —

There’s a huge emphasis on self-preservation for you this month; things have not been working in your favour and you’ve been held back from reaching your full potential. November is a time when you need to take a step back and ask yourself if what you’re currently doing is in alignment with your goals and values. You might find it useful to take up a new exercise class, or carve out some time to go on regular walks – whatever you do, it’s important that you get your body moving because it’ll help get your energy unblocked, and this will bring a deeper sense of clarity to your mind.


Accepting your quirks and unique style is another message for you this month – there’s too much effort going on with you trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else. Your individuality is what makes you shine and once you can learn to adore this about yourself, you’ll be unstoppable and major changes will start to take place around you. Do some mirror work and add some affirmations to your mornings, they’ll be a great boost for you.

Dawn Evans Pisces— PISCES —

November is a time for you to let go of needing to know it all, and to surrender to uncertainty and divine timing. You’ve been trying to control everything around you, but this is blocking the magic and the universe isn’t being allowed to deliver what you want in the ways which are for your highest good – use this month to let go a little and be a bit more trusting. Instead of planning every little detail, be open to sudden changes and learn to maybe wing it for a change.


Your body is craving your attention, so turn your focus inwards and listen to what it needs – tune in and connect to your soul by tapping into your sensual side. Surround yourself with beautiful pleasures and treat every single one of your senses (smell, taste, touch). Give into the deepest desires you have, and allow your passionate side to emerge – you’ll not only become more fully present, but you’ll uncover aspirations and ideas that you didn’t know you had. When you’re aware of your true needs, you become much more aligned and will suddenly start attracting everything you’ve been secretly craving.


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