Personal Growth, Expansion and Forward Momentum. October Brings Plenty of Fresh New Beginnings 

If you’ve felt like you’ve been doing ‘all the things’ but not getting anywhere, think again. This month begins the culmination of everything you’ve been working toward all year. The last quarter of 2019 is going to get you more than ready for the explosion of 2020 ~ and October is the month it all starts to make sense.

Check out your Sun (and Rising) sign below, to gain insight into what the universe has in store for you this month. If you want bigger results then pay attention to the advice given…


Forecast for October:


The tension that you’ve been feeling is now at an end. I know it’s been hard, and there have been many battles you’ve had to work your way through, but you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It’s super important to remember that nobody has the power to make you feel unworthy ~ you are totally deserving of love and of having the things you desire. This month you’re being asked to let go of hostile thoughts toward those that have challenged you and personally attacked you. Their fears and doubts are none of your business, so forgive them for acting in the only way they know how. October is a time of self-reflection and figuring out what it is you truly want ~ what really makes you happy? If you spend the month taking one day at a time, doing the things that make you smile, then you’ll be well on the way to a more fulfilled place



You’re ready to take action this month, but have you actually done all the necessary research? There’s an authoritative presence about you and you’re fiercely determined to take charge on the things you’ve been putting off ~ this focused attitude will serve you well, but you may need to stop and reign it in a bit because you don’t want to lose sight of the main objective. In order to be more effective in reaching your goals, it’s important for you to evaluate all the possibilities that are available. Spend some time exploring the many approaches you can take (especially in the first 10 days of October) before you commit to going full steam ahead. You’re going to want to stay mega grounded this month and do what’s most practical ~ I promise this will give you better results. Do the research, make a plan and stick to it.


It’s time to take the foot off the pedal a little. You’ve been working so hard and going so fast that you’ve lost sight of the end goal. Do you remember the turtle and the hare? Well, we all know what happened there ~ do you want to risk burnout or worse still, never finishing at all. Use the first half (yes, half) of October to stop and take some time out ~ forget about what you’re doing and give yourself a break, this will reset your energy levels and bring the focus back. Let go of any fears that you’ll waste time, because you won’t. You are being divined supported right now, and the things you don’t need are being stripped away so you can move forward freely. Trust that everything will happen at the perfect time and in the most perfect way ~ when you step into this space of trust and acceptance, that’s when the magic happens.


Your soul has needed the isolation that’s just happened ~ the quiet reflection has given you great inner healing and a new sense of purpose. But, there’s no denying that you’ll go into October feeling a sense of loneliness. You may feel a little distanced from the world around you, so the advice for this month is to get social again. Reach out to loved ones who can support you in your growth, and who are willing to be their best alongside you. Set an intention that you’re ready to attract more members of your soul family, and then take action to attend social events, enrol on a new class, or even answer the call to go on that holiday you’ve been putting off ~ they’re not going to find you if you stay sitting at home in your PJs. You’re more spiritually aware than ever, so lean into the support team that’s always present and know they’re lovingly guiding you.

— LEO —

There’s been a lack of generosity in your life lately. Certain humans have been taking far too much from you, with nothing be given in return ~ October is the time when you stop and say ‘enough is enough’. Your energy is precious and the person who should come first is YOU; the more you give your time, energy, money, resources away then the more you’ll deplete yourself. You’re a hugely caring person and it’s noble of you to want to help others, but not at the risk of your own energetic flow. You’re probably feeling a lack of abundance right now, and that’s because you’re not putting your own needs first. Your angels ask that you step away from all the people and places that aren’t serving you, and move into a space that feels more freeing. When you start saying yes to yourself, you’ll fill up your prosperity cup.


What are you wanting to say, but are too scared? There’s something on your mind, which is stopping you from moving forward, and it’s essential you get it off your chest in October. Communication is your main theme this month as you embrace the power of your voice and speak up with love. The fears that are holding you back aren’t real ~ you won’t be seen as weak and you definitely won’t offend or hurt anyone. Once you realise this you’ll be able to move easily into a place of being heard ~ people need to hear what you have to say, it will benefit not only you but those around you too. You know you have the strength within you to stand your ground on matters that are important, so use this energy to fuel you and don’t let your ego knock you off balance ~ thank it for being protective, but choose to lead from love instead.



You’ll be jumping into this month with loads of new ideas, and your creativity will be on fire. Projects that you start in October have the potential to be hugely beneficial in terms of financial gain, but you need to remember that this will take time. This month is when you plant the seeds of intention, to reap the rewards you must have patience and take the necessary actions to see things through to completion. You may feel a tad overwhelmed and emotional as the weeks progress, but this is because you’re putting your heart and soul into what you’re doing ~ stay focused and allow yourself the time to bring balance into your life (by scheduling in plenty of rest days and family time). Don’t be afraid to let those around you help out too, you’re not alone and there are plenty of people with the exact skills you may need ~ so reach out with a gracious heart.


October is all about finding your purpose and following your souls calling. You’ve been desperately seeking some sort of belonging lately, and you’ve struggled to find what lights you up. Your journey has been full of ups and downs, and you’ve travelled along many different paths ~ know that none of this is wasted, it’s been necessary for your growth and has helped you get to where you are now. All the things you’ve learned along the way have added to your toolbox of knowledge and skills (and there’s no doubt you’ll use them many times over in your lifetime). Patience is your virtue this month, so don’t try to rush things ~ stay alert to the many opportunities that will comes your way and be ready to say YES when they turn up. Listen to your intuition because it will guide you well, you’re well on the way to fulfilling your dreams.



Have you been meditating enough? My guessing is no, and this is why you’re getting frustrated with the delays that seem to keep appearing. When you sit in quiet meditation for even five minutes a day, you turn on your inner voice and intuition becomes stronger. During October make it your mission to sit with your soul more ~ you’ll not only start to receive the answers you need, but as things become clearer you’ll find that momentum picks up too and things naturally come to you faster. A great way to connect with yourself is to get outside and spend time in nature ~ the elements are perfect for clearing away the cobwebs and strengthening your inner sat nav. Pay attention too for any messages from the animal kingdom, your guides have a message for you and will make themselves known quite obviously this month.


Expect a load of good vibes this month, as magic and love take over your life. Existing friendships deepen to a new level, and new people come into your circle (who are exactly your kind of tribe, and share all the same interests). If you’ve been working towards a new project then reach out and explore the realm of collaboration ~ when you come together with others that have the same goals and aspirations, then amazing things happen. You’ll be celebrating like it’s 1999 throughout October as everything you’ve been working towards seems to come together in perfect timing ~ be sure to appreciate every single little win. There’s also a sense this month of learning and developing; perhaps group work or shared study is going to present itself ~ grab this opportunity with both hands and embrace it for all the magic it brings.


Do not let fear hold you back this month. I know you’re feeling like you have no way out and you’re stuck where you are, but that’s not the case ~ you have the power at any time to choose again. You have a purpose in this lifetime, and that is to be happy and be yourself ~ right now, you’re not fulfilling that purpose and October is the time to change things. Ask yourself what is holding you back, and look at ways you can cut yourself free from these blocks. There seems to be an inner worry that others will not like what you have to say; you’re afraid of stepping into what you truly want to do because it goes away from how you’ve been seen for so long. If you continue to live like this then you’ll constantly be unfulfilled. It’s time to stand strong and lead from the heart ~ live how you want to live, do what you want to do, and say what needs to be said. You’ll be surprised at how others respect this.


Good news is on the way this month. True, it may be unexpected and not quite what you were hoping for, but it’s good all the same. Everything is working in your favour throughout October and for your highest good. There seems to be a cycle of change going on for you, with several endings and new beginnings ~ try not to fight what’s happening, but instead be guided and accept that the end result will be everything you’ve wanted (and more). Intuitive messages will be quite strong this month, take note of random thoughts and be prepared to take action on them ~ your soul knows exactly where it’s going, you just need to listen and follow the clues. You may discover a new skill this month, encourage yourself to developing it and allow your enthusiasm to be your greatest asset. You are fully supported by your spirit team.


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