The Purpose to Profit Playbook™

Dawn Evans | Purpose to Profit Playbook

It’s time to get focused and manifest a business that aligns with YOU!

I know every idea might seem like a good idea, and you’re really good at a lot of things – but that doesn’t mean you should make a business out of them

When you fully understand your purpose, it’s so much easier to tap into your core passions and create a vision that can be monetised

The Purpose to Profit Playbook takes you through the three main components of the Law of Purpose. Through a series of simple exercises you’ll not only understand yourself at a deeper level, but you’ll also create a long-term vision of your future and start to make actionable plans that will help you profit from doing what you love


Included in the playbook is a powerful future self visualisation and prompts to get you started on your next 90-day strategy

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