How Can I Help You?

My services are designed to each offer something a little different. Depending on where you’re at, you’ll find a great source of clarity and inspiration. 

Take a moment to soak up the options below before choose your adventure | Book one or book them all (just like a pick ‘n mix) – the choice is completely yours

Oracle Readings

Ask a question

Need some clarity on something important? This reading is perfect if you want direct guidance on a specific area of your life

You ask: for my highest good what do I need to know most about…

I deliver a 1-2 page PDF reading via email (within 2-3 days)

£25 | 1-2 page pdf

weekly inspiration

Not sure what to focus on? This reading is perfect if you’re a little stuck and want divine guidance where it’s needed the most. 

Channeled messages that will help you move forward

I send daily readings (from Monday-Friday) straight to your phone

** 11% discount until 13 October (use code MAGIC-11 at checkout) **

£40 | 5 x text readings

Soul Readings

astrology guide

Want a deeper understanding of who you are? This reading is perfect if you’re after a unique overview of your birth chart.

Discover your strengths, purpose, challenges and a whole lot more. This guide gets straight to the point and cuts out the faff [NOTE: time of birth is required]

I deliver a 16-page PDF guide via email (within 4-5 days)

£55 | 16-page pdf

Healing Sessions

coming soon…

Need some energy realigning or some blocks being removed? These healing sessions are perfect for your entire mind, body and spirit. Distance sessions include Reiki, Angelic and Unicorn healing. 

Kind Words

I decided to ask Dawn for a reading on one particular question – but I didn’t give her the question! I received her reading and got absolute clarity, assurance and direction on what I wanted to do – and knew that it was the right thing to do. Dawn TOTALLY nailed the reading and I would highly recommend her


I have just read my astrology reading. It was so unbelievably accurate I kept laughing to myself and getting goosebumps. It was presented in an easy to understand way, and was so positive and helped me understand what aspects of me require attention and some actions to take. Highly recommend Dawn’s astrology report if you’d like some insights into what’s been written in the stars…



How can you do a reading without me there in person?

It works in exactly the same way – through an exchange of energy. Once you give your consent for me to read for you, I can make the necessary connection to communicate with spirit and channel messages

Why do you do email, rather than in person?

Time and accessibility is a restriction for many. By offering my readings via email, I have a wider scope to help more people who need guidance 

What if I don't know which reading to pick?

That’s totally okay, there’s no need to rush into anything. If you’re not sure right now, then take some time out and come back when you’re ready

What if I don't like what I hear?

I will NEVER give you negative information in a reading. All messages that come through will be for your highest good – if you’re feeling hesitant then come back when you’re ready or contact me and we can chat about your concerns

Can you predict future events?

All the readings I offer are based on your current energy and your current path. However, if you wanted to get some general guidance for the next three months then this is an option you can add-on in the booking process

Do you have a Code of Practice?

Yes I do. I like to follow a strict code of ethics, which allows me to deliver the best service to you. Check it out here – Code of Practice

What if I don't know my birth details (for the Astrology Guide?)

Unfortunately I do need these, in order to fully explore your chart. If you can’t find the information, then you can still get some great guidance by booking an Oracle Reading instead

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