Being spiritual isn’t as woo as you would first think…


In fact, I would argue that beyond the magic of it all there’s an underlying essence of practicality.


Following a spiritual path begins with the understanding that we are all connected, and that we are all a part of something bigger. As a child I was fascinated by the idea that there was a powerful and magical force beyond the human realm. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become very much aware of the physical body that we have too – and this needs just as much attention as our mind and soul.


I’m often left in awe when I see people making wishes when they blow out the candles on a cake – who are they sending their wishes to? Without even realising, most humans tap into the universal force that surrounds them and they begin a conversation. It’s a natural act that occurs, and it’s gorgeous.


So why exactly is a daily spiritual practice essential?


Imagine your spiritual practice is a child. The child needs nurturing on a daily basis, so that they may grow. They need to feel loved and protected. Your connection with your soul (and the universe) is exactly the same – regular nurturing will strengthen your bond, which in turn has the following benefits:

  • Happiness levels will increase
  • You’ll regain control
  • You’ll become naturally aligned with your purpose
  • You’ll get more intuitive hits
  • And manifesting will become so much easier


Making your spiritual journey unique to you


The beautiful thing about spirituality is that it’s exactly what you make it. You set the rules. You get to find your own definition that works for you. It’s your own unique belief system – nobody can tell you what to do and how to do it. You are the driver and you get to set the direction that you seek in life. How can that not be cool huh?


I appreciate and love learning about a wide variety of faiths. Some ideas work for me and some don’t – but I have an amazing, eclectic set of practices that I can call upon and integrate into my daily spiritual practice. My favourite meditations and chants derive from Hinduism (I absolutely adore Kundalini), I honour Greek Goddesses, Wicca is my go-to for rituals, I work closely with the Archangels, I love hanging out with Jesus and the Unicorns for my healing and my self-awareness comes from Astrology. 


You could say that my spiritual path is most definitely a tasty bag of pick ‘n’ mix. 

Dawn Evans | Spiritual Practice


The 7 steps to keeping it simple

It’s such a fun journey when you’re figuring out your favourites, and it’s always good to be open to anything new (for instance I’m currently merging Feng Shui with Fairies)

But whatever your tastes are, I’ve found that there’s a really simple process to follow on a daily basis – and it’s only 7 steps:


1. Affirmations – I swear by starting the day with an affirmation. As soon as you wake up, give your brain something positive to digest – this will make your day gorgeous. With my NLP background, I know for a fact how easy it is to reprogramme any negative thoughts from the day before into a different story. You literally get to wipe the slate clean and start again, by just using an affirmation


2. Meditation – another great way to start your day, and it doesn’t have to take that long! By checking in with your soul, it’s the most effective way to download some inspired action for the day ahead. By meditating, you’re also calming your body and reducing your anxiety levels. Go check out < 3 Morning Meditation Techniques > for some great suggestions


3. Breathing – literally, it’s such an instant boost. Just 2-3 minutes of breath work in the morning can help you focus on what needs to be done. If you’re super busy, you can easily integrate this with your meditation and save yourself some time. If you suffer from overwhelm then taking a minute to breath really helps bring peace and clarity. And you can do this at any time of the day, wherever is convenient


4. Protection – if you’re a super sensitive person, you need to be doing this. Put up an imaginary shield around you and set the intention not to let any low level vibes sneak in – you’ll feel drained and will pick up the icky feelings of others. The simplest way is just to visualise yourself in a rainbow bubble


5. Soul Food – there’s no point giving all your attention to your soul if you’re going to neglect your physical body. It’s pretty much fact that if you feel good on the inside then life becomes fabulous. So grab your favourite feel-good foods and turn eating into a sexy ritual – treats are great (I love them) but I would suggest fresh fruit and vegetables as a minimum


6. Grounding – with all this powerful stuff going on, you’re bound to feel a bit woozy. Hanging out in the cosmos is magical, but don’t forget to come back down to Earth. Whether it’s getting your feet naked or hugging a tree, remind yourself that you have a body and take the time to get fully present with yourself. Do this exercise whenever is necessary


7. Gratitude – the best way to end your day! Just three simple thank you’s will make sure you go to sleep feeling super abundant. AND you’re giving the universe permission to bring you more of the good stuff. If you get yourself into the habit of doing gratitude every night, then you’ll automatically do it throughout the day as you receive more and more


Over to you

For me, leading a spiritual life has been a blessing. I have aligned to my true self, reconnected to my life purpose and discovered many new and hidden dreams, skills and talents. This can easily be the case for you, whatever your thoughts or feelings.


I’ve fallen into the trap of letting my practice slide, and I know how easy it is to get busy and forget. But by following these 7 really simple practices, you’ll feel so much better. AND you can do them in any way that feels good

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