Inward Travel. Self-Nurturing. Spiritual Growth. August wants you to Devote your Time to Creating your own Happiness

Wishes will be coming true this month, so expect a time of magical fulfilment. The universe is about to put a huge smile on your face – make sure you’re living in the moment and enjoying everything.

You know you’ve been putting in the effort lately (in all areas of your life) and all your work is beginning to pay off. Use August as a time to celebrate your achievements so far, and to get yourself in gear for the next phase of your journey.

Check out your Sun (and Rising) sign below, to gain insight into what else the universe has in store for you this month. What’s about to happen is mind-blowing…


Forecast for August:


Change is 111% certain this month. You may not appreciate where your life is being taken, but it’s for your own good. Try not to resist the things that come your way, you’ll only prolong your journey if you do – go with the flow and let events take their course. Trust that you’re fully supported and the transition that’s occuring will be massively transformational. The negative cycles that keep repeating themselves (and holding you back) are about to be broken. It’ll feel odd at first, because you’re so used to staying safe and playing small – this is your moment though to shine and push yourself to be the best you can be. You’ll look back on this month and thank it. It’s necessary to let go of the old ways.



You have everything you need this August. The abundance that flows to you comes in whatever form is necessary for your growth; there’ll be huge spiritual connection and finances will be blessed. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and wait for it to fall in your lap – it’s important that you take the action required. You have the tools required for your own inner healing – allow yourself to access the love that you freely give to others. When your soul is nourished, your outer world will match the frequencies. If there’s goals to pursue then don’t hesitate; your motivation to succeed will keep you going and help bring your dreams to reality. Step into your own manifestation power and believe that you can have what you want. Come from a place of love, and the path will be shown to you.


You’re in need of a bucket-load of self-love this month. The beliefs that you’ve adopted from childhood are not the truth – these limiting thoughts and behavioural patterns hold you back from living the life you deserve. There are certain family members (and situations) that fill you with a sense of lack, and you allow yourself to be put down. It’s time to address things and open up communication on your terms. The connection you once had has become stale and is no longer serving you – speak your truth (without fear of judgement) and get things off your chest. You need to put your own needs first and show off who you really are. You’re not who you used to be, and that’s great – you’ve grown into a new version of you and shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Accept and love yourself unconditionally. If others can’t do the same, then it’s time to let them go.


Your wisdom and knowledge are called upon throughout August. In both your work and home life there’ll be a need for authority – certain rules will need to be set, in order to bring a sense of calm to some slightly chaotic moments. You may not be used to taking charge, but if you dig deep you’ll discover your inner queen (or king). Rather than thinking that things will get better if you leave them alone, shift your perception and tap into your firm (but fair) power and steer things in the direction that’s best for all involved (and that includes you). Whether you realise it or not, others respect what you have to say and will listen to your guidance. So make a plan of action and delegate tasks accordingly – you ultimately want to create harmony, and you’re the one who can light the way.

— LEO —

 August is a month of deep reflection and self-nurturing. You’re wanting to sustain your own lifestyle and be responsible for earning your own money – whether you have your own business, or are considering starting one, this will be the main theme for you. You’ll be spending the month working out your long-term plans and how they can create a better life for you. You may need to take some time out, away from distractions, so you can tap into what lights you up and to do things that rejuvenate your spirit. By putting your own needs first and using the month for introspection, change and transition is guaranteed – you’ve not felt fully fulfilled and you know it’s time to make new decisions. Retreat and open your heart to new ideas – expressing yourself through a more creative outlet has the potential for massive inspiration. 


August is a time when you’ll need to reach out to others. There’s no doubt that you’re transforming and your career is beginning to take off, but you’re at a point where you need to ask for help in order to progress. It’s important to remember not to focus on things you don’t yet have – this will create a lack mindset, and you’ll constantly be aiming for what’s out of your reach. Try to stay present and enjoy the things that are already in your life – nurture these and they’ll act as a magnet for more of the same. Important information is coming your way toward the end of the month, so don’t rush into any drastic changes until you have all the facts. The things you’ve been learning are at the stage where they can be implemented – let the world see the gifts you possess. Bring in outside help to see a project through to completion.

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It’s a case of keeping your eye on the prize this month. You have the potential to bring huge success and happiness into all areas of your life, but you need to remain focused and go after what you want with fierce determination. Things you are working toward in your work and personal life, are in alignment with your soul growth – the pleasures and luxuries you desire are waiting for you. Make choices that liberate you and are good for you (there’s no place for drama or negativity) – your decisions should match your core values. If you want to step it up a notch and go big on your desires, you’ll need to leave your comfy zone and take a leap of faith into the unkown. Say yes to opportunities that push you to do something you’ve not done before, they’ll bring great reward.


Deep connection and love are growing between you and another this month. A soul mate will be entering your life; it will be beneficial for both of you, and because of your mutual respect you’ll naturally bring out the best qualities in eachother. The balance of both energies will be instrumental in your soul growth because you’ll learn a great deal about yourself just by being in their company. The relationship is in the early stages of blossoming, but the attraction cannot be denied – you’ve shared past lives together already in many forms, but it’s still unclear whether the union this month will be romantic or a business partnership (be open to both possibilities). Inner healing will occur because of your ability to express your deepest emotions with this person. Your life will be full of peace and harmony.



The struggles are over. There’s no longer a need to prove yourself to anyone. This month you’ll be able to make clear decisions about which path to take, because you’re fully confident in your own needs and wants. You’ve finally come into your own power and you understand what your gifts are, and how you can utilise them. You’ll still be researching different options, but you’ll be able to distinguish what’s for your highest good and what’s not. There’s a sense of peace about you this month, as you rise up and follow the signs given to you by the universe. A new job may become an option, as well as several new relationships – any conflict or tension brought on by others who disagree with your choices can easily be overcome by choosing not to be drawn into the discussion. Any choice you make will be the right one for you, so drown out the voice of others and listen to the whispers inside.


There’s opportunity for growth and travel this month. You’ve been working toward plans for your future and these plans are now well underway, with several chances to pursue new studies that will contribute to your business development. Your current environment has given you the groundwork and set foundations, but to go bigger you must venture beyond your comfy zone. Explore new ways of working and add to your existing skillset. Don’t be surprised if you’re guided to travel (especially overseas) – it’s the perfect way to be more adventurous and discover a different aspect of yourself. You’ve come from a background of safety and sensibility, but this pattern only holds you back – trust in the not knowing and be open to any changes that present themselves, even if you don’t know where they’ll take you.


You’ll need to gather your willpower and strength this August in order to move forward. The spiritual gifts you have will be your greatest asset in relation to the completion of a project; stay focused on the plans you’ve already put in motion and let your intuition guide you deeper toward your purpose. Challenges will come your way that will try and knock you off course or distract you, but you must stand your ground and trust in where you’re going – it’s a test of your determination and you’ll need to take the appropriate action in order to push through the obstacles. You’re being encouraged to listen to your inner voice and to trust in the decisions you’ve already made – your goals are well within reach and you have the ability to succeed, have confidence in yourself. Make sure you set clear boundaries.


Things seem to be out of balance this month and it’s important to realign yourself. You’ve been so busy doing the things that others expect of you, that you’ve not stopped and thought about what YOU want. On the outside it look like you have an awesome life, but deep down you’re miserable AF. Family issues may rise to the surface, so you can deal with the reasons that you self-sabotage your happiness – what is it you’re trying to prove? You don’t need to seek love or validation from anyone other than yourself; when you’re constantly aiming for external approval then you’ll always be unhappy. Bring things back into focus and start doing more of what lights you up – your health and wellbeing will improve dramatically when you choose to be authentic and true to yourself. It’s time to change your definition of success and consider the things that align with your personal values and spiritual growth.

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