Awaken your soul with the unicorns


Unicorns have been a huge part of my life since I fell in love with them as a girl

I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs in my healing journey with them, and I know how powerful their energy can be

As a Certified Unicorn Healing™ Practitioner, I’m able to help guide you through your own journey and begin to experience the beautiful transformations that the Unicorns bring 


Unicorn Healing™ is a heart-centred healing modality that helps to awaken your souls gifts and purpose. Each session provides deep healing and clarity, helping you to align to your own inner power

Created in 2009 by Spiritual Teacher Calista, it helps you on your journey to self-discovery and supports the global awakening and ascension of humankind


Each Unicorn Healing™ session is designed to meet the exact needs of the recipient

During this distance healing session I connect with your higher self and with the unicorns and channel unicorn light toward you, covering you in a blanket of white light. The energy is directed to where it’s most needed

  • I will clear away any lower vibrational energy that keeps you stuck in old habits
  • I will awaken your crown and third eye chakras, helping you to see more clearly
  • I will remove any resistance that your body is holding onto, helping you return to oneness 
  • I will increase the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life

Afterwards I’ll email you with messages I received during the session, and guidance from the Unicorns

Clients describe their experience as peaceful, empowering and beautiful. There’s a feeling of reconnection and of having joy and clarity added to their lives

COST £88 (1 HOUR)

Often it takes a few days for the energy to be fully received. Healing occurs at a pace that’s comfortable for you, so it’s advised that you drink plenty of water and rest when needed
Unicorn Healing is different from Reiki, because it comes from the celestial realms and therefore has a lighter frequency. The healing works from soul level outward, creating positive change that is for your highest good and greatest growth

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