Joy. Love. Deep Connections. Can July really get any hotter?

There’s an overall focus this month on finding the things that bring you joy (but being proactive too – you need to actually get out there and make things happen).

It’s a fact that your levels of happiness increase when you surround yourself with a-ma-zing people, and that’s exactly what’s going on. There’s going to be a load new relationships coming your way (whether romantically or otherwise) so be open to new opportunties to get socialising. It’s time to have some fun and do what brings a smile to your face.

But there’s more (of course). Read your Sun sign below to see what else is coming up for you (feel free to check your Rising sign too, for extra clarity)


Forecast for July:


You’ve had to deal with a lot of heartache my lovely, but this is finally in the past. Although difficult at the time, the things you’ve gone through have only made you stronger (totally cliched I know, but it’s true). This month you will be presented with the opportunity to connect with some people who are 100% on your wavelength – but you need to be willing to drop your shields! You have built up a wall of resistance to letting others get close to you, and your emotions are so guarded that you’re missing out on so much joy. Action: start a daily journal and get into the habit of writing down your feelings. Confide in a close female friend (that you can trust won’t judge you) and let her hold the space for you to express yourself. Once you begin to loosen up, you’ll be amazed at the things that find their way into your life.



July is going to be your own personal heatwave! Firstly, there’s an insane amount of creativity coming from you – if you’ve been planning on starting a new project (or even signing up to a new hobby) then this is the month to go for it. You’ll be feeling a surge of motivation to get things done and you won’t need any help in driving yourself toward your goal. Secondly, you’ve finally come into your own (yessss) – it’s taken a while for you to feel fully comfortable in your own skin, but you are now on fire. The self-awareness you have is so powerful, you can’t help but attract equally passionate people your way. Action: keep working on self-care because it’s working, and say a big fat yes to the dates you get asked out on. Go celebrate the work you’ve done because you deserve it (heck, shout about it all over Instagram)


You’re going to be feeling the energies of this month quite strongly. There’s a lot of emotions coming to the surface (probably that you’ve repressed for way too long) – it’s time to reconnect and sit with your feels! Whatever comes up, it’s totally okay – if you need to cry, let it out and if the rage appears, dance it away beyonce-style – you get my drift. Water is a great element to work with throughout July; let the healing wash over you and refresh your soul. Make sure you drink plenty too – a physical detox is also needed. Action: indulge in a hydro-therapy spa day or take some meditative walks near a lake. Even candle-lit bathtimes contain magic. Calmness is your medicine this month (and loads of self-care) so make sure you surround yourself with positive people


Expect to have a lot of projects going on this month, and without the proper planning it could become a little frantic. To work with the energies of July, it’s in your best interests to slow down and approach tasks in a more methodical way (I’m talking scheduling and small action steps). If you can delegate to others, do it – what’s the point in getting yourself stressed when you can share the load! There’s also a need to focus on your breathing (as this will help you stay grounded) – get your body moving and keep your energy flowing (yoga or tai chi is perfect) Action: take each day as it comes, and work with the natural rhythm of your body. A slow and steady tortoise always wins the race. Anything you believe in now is possible, so keep those thoughts hibe-vibing

— LEO —

You’re generally a wise old soul anyway, but this month your mind is super-charged because of the ancestral energy that’s flowing through you in bucket-loads. The relationship vibes going on in July are triggering some deep lineage vibes, and wisdom from previous lifetimes is coming into focus. Instinctively, you’re going to know exactly what to do, where to go and who to go and do it with – don’t overthink your internal sat nav, just be in the flow and let things happen as they need to. Action: trust that you’re being guided to the people, things and places that are most aligned with you right now. The universe has got your back (your head, shoulders, knees and toes too). It’s a great time to get out in nature and journal – some interesting thoughts and ideas could pop up


There’s a huge amount of change in the air for you. Adaptability is one of your greatest strengths, and this will play to your advantage throughout the month (especially because there’s a lot of unprectability going on). July is going to be interesting – opportunity will be practically knocking on your door every week, and you’re going to want to say yes to all of it. Because the energies are everywhere, there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun and try your hand at the whole lot; it’s a playful time and you’ll need to sample all the delights before you decide which direction to ultimately go in. Action: if it excites you then go ahead and do it, especially if it’s something new and different to what you’ve done before. Socialise wherever you can and share your joy with others

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There’s no need to fight anymore, you can put away your sword and return to love. I know things have felt like a battle lately but has the fear and hostility really gotten you anywhere good? July brings a fresh energy your way, so you can drop your shields and lean into all the awesome-ness that’s around you. What is it that you truly want? If you spend long enough with this question you’ll realise that you have everything you need. Action: make a list of all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Then spend your days experiencing more of it. Work out whatever or whoever is making you feel blah, then take the necessary steps to let them go (with love of course) – you can’t force harmony between all things, so focus on what makes you feel good and remove what doesn’t. Let the obstacles that stand between you and your joy be swept away


Having too much control can sometimes work against you. This month sees a lot of career opportunities coming your way, but also a chance to do some inner work. You’re massively focused on the things you want to happen but this has become your biggest block – the need to achieve a certain outcome is preventing anything else from being an option (and the something else is possibly way better than your own end goal). Your guides are standing beside you every step of the way, and they are ready to steer you toward the things that will be for your highest good. Action: clear and delete what you expect to happen. Surrender to other possibilities and let your intuition take you to unexpected people and places. Your perception will become clearer this month , trust in your own senses



It’s time to take charge of those dreams and do whatever it takes to make them happen. Your natural manifestation skills are mega lit up this month, and it’s almost effortless for you to think things into reality (high five to you). Magic is practically your stalker for the duration of July and it’d be rude to not ackowledge it – tap into your power and own your sorceress-like talents because whatever you desire is yours for the taking, so take it already. Action: the law of attraction is your new bff. stay focused on your thoughts, write your intentions down and manifest like a boss. You are the authority of your life, but it’s nice to have a passenger to take along for the ride – pay attention to any males that become present this month (especially Aries) because they may help you achieve your goals


Hard work is your first (and middle) name, and this month is about to reward you for all your efforts so far. Any projects that you’ve been working on (especially those in business) have been steadily growing – you’ve put in the hours and done whatever has been needed – it’s only natural that this sort of care and attention finally gets the recognition it deserves. July is going to be a hugely abundant time for you; financial success is almost inevitable and you’ll be able to enjoy some well earned rest and relaxation (but don’t get complacent, the work still needs to be ongoing). Action: get outdoors and let your soul recharge in the sun. Play around with your schedule and mark in some days that are just for fun. You have the green light to enjoy yourself, so indulge a little in some great foods and pamper sessions


Change is something you’ve been avoiding lately, but it’s necessary for your growth. You’ve got used to things as they are, and your daily routines have kept you safe from leaving your comfort zone. However July is here to shake things up a little, and there’s nothing you can do to hide from it (so you may as well go with it). Deep down you know you’ve been working through a lot of inner issues, and you’ve done amazingly well to get where you are now. But the work isn’t over yet; the best is about to make itself known to you – and in order to really soar, you’re going to need to get uncomfortable. Action: figure out what it is that’s holding you back. Then face it head on and knock that fear to the back of the net. When things start to scare you, there’s a miracle waiting around the corner – run through the demons and give the miraculous a massive hug


Things from the past may suddenly appear this month, and the reason is so they can remind you of how far you’ve come and why you took the actions you did. You’re in a powerful position right now; thanks to your determination you’ve gotten yourself through some icky situations – things are much more happier and you’re feeling amazing. July wants to remind you of just how awesome you are, so it’s going to elevate your status (don’t be surprised if people start to treat you like a goddess, because you are one). Action: stand tall and confident, knowing that everything is working out perfectly. A little sass right now is totally okay. Everything you need will be provided this month, so trust in what’s coming and make the future plans you’ve been putting off.

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